// Leaf Group Lifestyle, Okie Treasure Hunter: Treasure Tales, Arkansas, Gold Fever Prospecting: Gold Locations In Arkansas. Arkansas Supreme Court Rules That Trial Court Must Determine Whether 450 Homeowners Must Submit Golf Dues Claims To Arbitration June 1, 2015 Rob Harris Leave a comment By: Rob Harris Diamante is a residential golf development in Arkansas whose governing documents require homeowners to … 636 people follow this. A host of regional and local history museums preserve and interpret the history and culture of the River Valley's early settlers, small towns, historic events, and rural residents. Wintering waterfowl and other migrating species use the area as a safe haven during their journey. In 1987, Alma claimed the title of "Spinach Capital of the World" and erected a Popeye statue in front of the Chamber of Commerce building. The Post Winery has been in the Post family for five generations. Historical Maps of Arkansas are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time.Arkansas Maps are vital historical evidence but must be interpreted cautiously and carefully.. Arkansas Map Collections. The spinach and greens products allowed Alma to leverage its existing fruit canning facility owned by the Alma Canning and Evaporating Company, which had been in the area since 1888. Gold prospecting sites. Die Arkansas State University (auch ASU genannt) ist eine staatliche Universität in Jonesboro im Nordosten des US-Bundesstaates Arkansas. In the early 1880's, reports and rumors of gold finds in Arkansas prompted an investigation by the Arkansas Geological Survey. Many events are held at the state parks and on town squares throughout the River Valley. Gold in Arkansas was originally discovered by the early Spanish explorers during the 1500s. The expedition traveled to Tanico, an important city somewhere in the River Valley, in September 1542. It is said that gold was first taken from the area in the 1540s by the Spanish. Those interested in finding gold may want to pursue it via treasure hunting rather than panning. The Arkansas State Highway Commission, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, prepared a complete set of Arkansas county maps entitled General … Cash for Gold in VALLEY SPRINGS, ARKANSAS. Held annually in July, the festival offers peach pit spitting contest and a terrapin derby in addition to a parade and traditional food and craft vendors. Visitors can buy wines, tour the winery and watch the production process. 604 people like this. The first settlement was not founded for another 140 years, and the first permanent settlement forty years after that. 18 HOLES of GOLF, FOOTGOLF, and DISC GOLF! There have been two gold rushes here, one a little over a hundred years ago in the 1880s, that resulted in a whole lot of people losing money in a series of wild stock investment schemes (to the tune of $113 million !!) The state operates four parks within the region: Lake Dardanelle State Park, Mount Magazine State Park, Mount Nebo State Park, and Petit Jean State Park. 73: P lilY Il . Confederate soldiers attacked a large fleet of Union gunboats on the White River and hit In Clarksville, the Walton Fine Arts Center on the campus of the University of the Ozarks offers university theater, performers, and speakers to patrons. River Valley Gold & Silver 3808 Jenny Lind Rd Fort Smith AR 72901. Mining became prominent by 1873, especially around the Altus area. Ozark Lake, formed on the Arkansas River southwest of Mulberry, is surrounded by a WMA, The United States Forest Service operates both the Ouachita National Forest and the Ozark National Forest within the region, offering trails, camping, and fishing over thousands of acres of public land. Most first encounters describe scattered villages and individual farmsteads in the River Valley, unlike the organized "towns" and groves and orchards encountered in eastern Arkansas. The Arkansas Post was established in 1686 and was the first European settlement in the lower Mississippi Valley region. [11] Several of the River Valley's small towns were founded by these groups, beginning as small clusters of immigrants and evolving into cohesive communities. Central Arkansas Little Rock. Info@valleyplating.com. The Arkansas River Valley is not formally defined along county boundaries, including all of Logan and Sebastian counties and portions of Conway, Franklin, Johnson, Perry, Pope, and Yell counties. This culture lives on today in the five vineyards still in operation. It is one of six natural divisions of Arkansas.[2]. The Arkansas River Valley (usually shortened to River Valley) ... His expedition of 600 Spanish explorers searching for gold and riches crossed into Arkansas across the Mississippi River, and explored the state for the next two years. 'Valley of Gold' was a reference to the golden mallorn trees that grew in this land, but those mellyrn were not planted until after Galadriel's arrival, so historically the 'Valley of Gold' was not actually gold. Global Village Day at Heifer International, October. Cities such as Booneville, Clarksville, Morrilton, Paris, and Perryville serve as cultural and economic centers within the rural counties of the River Valley.[17]. Most of the gold in the state exists as small flakes of the type called “pickers” or fine grains. If your grandfather's lost gold mine was in Arkansas, then it is still lost because there has never been any production of gold recorded in the state. Mikey Bullock, seated, signed to play golf for the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith on Thursday at the Harlingen Country Club. Updated December 3, 2019. In the 1880s prospecting picked up again, this time with silver the target. In this video I head to the only spot I have close by to do some prospecting. Where there is gold, there are places that gold has been buried for later retrieval. The Museum of Automobiles atop Petit Jean Mountain hosts annual Antique Auto Show and Swap Meet events in June and September. Valley View Intermediate School Mission Statement. [16] The city is an important economic, education and population center in the state. By Claire Cruz/Valley Morning Star 59: Lcadtrille and alifornia Gulch . 1,844 check-ins. 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