The scope of practice can also differ for the two APN roles: nurse practitioner (NP) and clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Since scope of practice is determined by state law, there are dif-ferences in what APNs can do across states. (For more on these APN roles, see the companion article on pages 42-46.) Background: Oncology nurse practitioners (ONPs) are advanced practice RNs prepared at the graduate level with high-level knowledge and skills in oncology. This publication describes the role of the oncology nurse and gives nurses a comprehensive look at their chosen profession. AT A GLANCE. Oncology clinical nurse specialists can acquire the skills necessary for obtaining complete histories and performing physical examinations, but state-defined scope of practice may limit their ability to make medical, rather than solely nursing, diagnoses based on their assessments. The first oncology nursing practice standards published since 2004, Statement on the Scope and Standards of Oncology Nursing Practice addresses standards for both oncology RNs and oncology advanced practice nurses. Developed to augment existing standards of nursing practice, Oncology Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice addresses practice requirements and expected competencies for oncology practitioners at the RN, graduate-level-prepared RN, and advanced practice RN levels. statement on the scope and standards of oncology nursing practice generalist and advanced practice Sep 28, 2020 Posted By Andrew Neiderman Media TEXT ID 89895b29 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library active licensure to practice nursing statement of the scope and standards of oncology nursing practice sep 14 2020 posted by frank g slaughter public library text id APN scope of practice Because of challenges in educational programs and variability in the scope of practice at the state and institutional level, many ONPs are challenged to practice to the full extent of their education, certification, and licensure. It is the position of ONS that Genetics should be considered an integral part of oncology advanced nursing practice. The ONS session was a call to action to alert its members to the threats to advanced practice nurses' scope of practice and to encourage them to get actively involved in health policy advocacy. Collaboration among practice levels and disciplines is essential. This article focuses on the advanced practice role as further defined in published resources outlining scope of practice in genetics. This position statement supports the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) publication Oncology Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (Lubejko & Wilson, 2019), which provides a framework for the appropriate and expected scope of oncology nursing practice across settings, levels of practice, and roles.


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