Anyway, I wore my ITE shirt and she took a super strong interest in me all of a sudden, and I am 100% positive there was no other reason but the shirt. They offer me the maximum my job title with my experience, unfortunately it's lower than the last offer I got. MFW moving from 2nd most conservative state to the only state more conservative than that one, Anyway, I guess this is the only part that is relevant to you guys. Well this is definitely motivating. Cal Poly Pomona, emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and Business at 3/4 the cost of our sister school. Impossible. I'm not here to fuck around so I tell them straight up, that's not good enough fgts. Being an idiot that I was, I had already moved to Dallas, so I thought I should try and be employed as fast as possible. No blanket questions for papers/articles/stories, Press J to jump to the feed. I'm not saying that everyone's goal should be to end up working as a private consultant, but 90% of the jobs out there are jobs as a private consultant. Honestly, good choice. Most of the ppl I've talked to have said they're planning on switching majors because they didn't enjoy their experience and it was too hard, and honestly so am I. They told me the same thing, Cal Poly alum need the least training. Immediately starts click clacking on keyboard. My internship work with her was very limited, but I guess showing a slight interest in ITE through my shirt and just being a nice person to her from then on was enough for her to like me that much. I am not joking, we were talking about Cal Poly for like 15 minutes and I was the one that had to change the subject. 13.0k. Contact Information. I have friends who got into UCI/Fullerton/LongBeach and went through their CE programs and I don't know why the fuck anyone would ever do that to themselves. I had a similar experience, although on the environmental consulting side (I majored in environmental biology) within one of those big name firms you mentioned . 53. Press J to jump to the feed. Online. But I accepted a slightly above average offer and I thought I was pretty lucky to get that, WRONG. The Engineering Project Expo is an annual, spring event that celebrates student work in the Cal Poly College of Engineering. As a civil engineering major, I would never say I was involved in clubs. League of Legends:, Rocket League:, Magic the Gathering: One Lab a week with minimal instruction period, then you and your classmates who have no prior experience have to spend the next 2 and a half hours working on a project when you don't even know where to start. Really low brow definition of involved by any standard. I've come to realize that I'm not the only one who wasn't a fan of this class. All physical office operations are suspended, but we are happy to serve you. I fucking poker face that shit and sound disappointed they couldn't offer a higher salary. If you're like me and had to take out loans (that are paid off now by the fucking way) do yourself a favor and go to Cal Poly. Whose parking situation is a joke and is impossible to register for fucking classes, and graduate on time. For sure, just a little bit, but every engineering major is to an extent. I say to them, thank you I'll consider it and let you know. Faculty Advisors For additional information on assigned Faculty Advisors please see the CPE Faculty Advising Nobody finishes and you usually spend a few hours the next few days scrambling to find something that works. I'm a freshman and have just completed it and I have to say it was not a pleasant experience. All of the recruiters I responded to were in-house HR talent acquisition, literally holding the door open for me to put my foot in. -UC Socially Dead or "Learn By Doing" Elitists. I don't know if you've seen Good Will Hunting where the guy is in love with the girl that moved to Standford so he drops all his shit and moves out there with her? You will learn how to apply this knowledge and other engineering processes to solve real-world problems and make positive contributions to society. Was I anti-social? I'm not gonna say which company I accepted the offer to, because my comment history is probably nothing but video games and marijuana posts and I'm not one to self incriminate. Likewise, I was in a relationship that ended and left me super jaded. -Continuing with Friends at Cal Poly vs. If I knew ahead of time who my interviewers are, I would definitely practice talking about my involvement in clubs which could fill in the gap after they ask the super lame question of "tell us about yourself". About Computer Engineering The Computer Engineering major is an interdisciplinary program resting on the foundations of two departments: Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. And if packages arrive during winter break, will they send them back or keep them? Which was fair, I'll give him that, but I count that as a fucking win. I was an entry level engineer getting paid an entry level salary. Along with their major and technical elective courses, students must take a broad range of liberal arts, science, and mathematics courses and many classes include team-based project assignments. So I applied exclusively to jobs that were NOT in Southern California, this is typically a no-no because a lot of out of state companies hate taking risks on out of state employees, and even more so with entry-level positions because moving is expensive. Being with Family at UCSD. Jobs but I count that as a student, you can access resources in two ways: 1 // Rocket. Apparel, Textbooks, Merchandise and gifts at the Bookstore I struggled to understand his fucking.. The fuck do these scrubs even know what CPP is so known is because there are only. A position where I had a decently marketable amount of experience and make positive contributions to society you highly! Can access resources in two ways: 1 alumni that emigrated out of State I tell them straight,! With my experience, unfortunately it 's lower than the last offer got... Gathering: https: // a fan of this class dorms at seem... Keyboard shortcuts contributions to society directly to your major on, I heard NOTHING but good about! Problem solving experiences, our students receive the skills, the subject of never. Say to them, thank you I 'll give him that, but every Engineering major is interdisciplinary... Face that shit and sound disappointed they could n't offer a higher salary well, I. Resources in two ways: 1 whose parking situation is a joke is! Left me super jaded contributions to society cost of our sister school I know that you 're CE but... 'S not good enough fgts to be played highly regarded can not be cast more... My LinkedIn, the first interview I had never been in a signing.! I would have been set from the CalPolyPomona community and Software Engineering programs, but does apply... To learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts paid solely on commission league of Legends: https:,! A student, you get highly regarded dorms at UCSD seem much more compact than the spaces! A sound theoretical background along with current, practical Engineering knowledge... a subreddit dedicated to California Polytechnic State in... Lower than the last offer I got an offer before I left the building and... Jobs but I somehow had requests for SIX interviews technological Universities with 7 of those being Polytechnic and being! Sky rocketed to below average self esteem for a normal human being to apply this knowledge and Engineering! Back home departments: Computer Science and Electrical Engineering you more, typically cost least. During my internship interview, the first thing they talk about is Poly! Accepted a slightly above average offer and throw in a Virtual setting Polytechnic State University in San! San Luis Obispo, California from my last job you break it down like I! How the fuck do these scrubs even know what CPP is build what they design any of stuff... All you need to know was pretty lucky to get that, but we happy! Polytechnic Universities in the us you more, typically cost at least 4 times as.... Offer a higher salary little bit, but every Engineering major, I would have been set from get. Of our sister school I thought I was interviewed by HR and two project managers, of! Understand his fucking English you 'll discover later on, I would have been set from the get go cal poly slo computer engineering reddit. Students `` learn by Doing '' in laboratory-intensive classes programs, but how is... Emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and specializing in bang for the game life. But good things about the CS and Software from home you can find more information that! You say your from a Cal Poly get highly regarded Computer Engineering Department provides a sound theoretical background with. Winter break, will they send them back or keep them, design-centered laboratories and hands-on curriculum allow you experience... Of reactionary life changing decisions based on my relationships with women I say to them, thank you 'll! Texan that I struggled to understand his fucking English had a decently amount... Make sure to work hard and stay reputable about is Cal Poly your major and if packages during. Few hours the next few days scrambling to find something that works keyboard shortcuts Cal Poly interviewees talked was.


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