Soon the Koala cousins are together and ready to eat their cake, but not before inviting the Animal Mechanicals to join them! Mouse's super hearing detects the missing hamster in one of the hamster tubes. The mechana-birds take the gold up to their nest because they love shiny things! Unicorn makes more using her horn, and the sheep are able to (safely) resume their snowy fun. There's a sticky problem brewing over at Mechana Maple Syrup Squirrel Island -a mechana moose keeps drinking all the sap the squirrels use to make their yummy maple syrup! The test of strength involves moving some heavy blocks on a tetter-totter drawbridge. Screw Top Squirrels block the path between the Bunnies and the Boom Blocks. The egg is successfully hatched and a Big Baby Chickadee appears. Sasquatch pretends he's a cowboy and the team set out on the search. Rex transforms to lift the heavy blocks; Sasquatch transforms to stretch across the chasm and act as an emergency bridge; Unicorn transforms to save the day as the Elephant Train almost falls into the chasm. Sasquatch transforms to stretch across the chasm and act as an emergency bridge, but the elephant train tickles him, causing him to almost fall, and Unicorn transforms to save the day as the Elephant Train almost falls into the chasm. The wrong objects Komodo's tail popped out: Saw, Glue Gun and Duckie. 7: 7 "Mechana Matcher Island" TBA: The Animal Mechanicals learn about pairs when they go to Mechana Matcher Island to help the Mechana Matcher. At the top, Sasquatch's loud voice causes an avalanche that buries the bamboo - but Komodo has a shovel in his tail with which to dig it out. Mission: Make sure that the race rabbits don't cheat, Mission: Find the ski patrol safety dog and stop the ski sheep from crashing into piles of snow. The first chicken to be sprung is flung far off the Island! Rex transforms and gets busy filling in the holes with his mighty, strong shovel, but the gopher is still underground, and they have to get it out! Sasquatch stre-e-e-tches to retrieve the Peeper, then he, Komodo and Unicorn set off to find the Crab. Rex discovers a Cricket snack dispenser that seems to get the Crickets jumping. Watch Animal Mechanicals Online: The complete guide by MSN. This is a list of episodes for the fourth season of the American-Canadian CGI television series, Animal Mechanicals.All of the episodes last about 11-minutes (except A New Animal Mechanical and Animal Mechanicals' First Mission, which last about 22-minutes each).Most of the episodes are rated TV-Y, while some episodes has either a TV-Y7 rating or a TV-Y7-FV rating. The team's mission is to go to Mechana Skee Ball Island and fix the broken ski jump, so that the Skee Balls can play their game. Mechana-Brids: Blue Mechana-Package of Deliver Packages to all the Islands From Their Cenntral Package Collection Factory. The Mission is to stop the balloons from popping. Unicorn transforms to use her weather powers to make rain and sunshine so that sunflowers will grow strong and healthy; Komodo transforms to unscrew the sunflowers so that they can find the seeds inside; Mouse transforms to race around and catch the flying seeds. Komodo transforms to knock down a rock-block wall with his pick-ax, Rex transforms to move the heavy Rock-blocks out of the way, and Unicorn transforms to light up the dark cave with her magic horn so that the Bats can perform their best flying show ever. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. They find an Mechana Wild egg, but it won't stay still enough for any of them to sit on it. The poor thing is too big from eating hamster snacks and has gotten wedged in the tube. The team is sent to Baboon Balloon Island, where their mission is to find an air-pear for the Baboon Balloon to eat. Animal-Mechanical mission time! It's a very complicated mission over on Origami Owl Island: the team must figure out how to plant more trees to provide the platypus paper maker with paper for the Origami owls to make their special origami. Animal Mechanicals- mission accomplished! Sasquatch celebrates by posing for more pictures. Unfortunately, he lets them all float away into the sky, but Unicorn is able to use wind power to blow an air-pear right into the Baboon Balloon's mouth. Mission Accomplished! Uh oh! When the Mission is accomplished they celebrate by racing around the track. But when the ball goes too fast, Mouse transforms to whiz inside the game and help the pinball into the hole. They celebrate with a snow-cone left by the Elephant Train. The Penguins pop apart like Russian Dolls and double their number. Abilities used: Stretch, Speed, and Flight. Sasquatch transforms to put the missing piece back into place, and Komodo bolts it together again, just in the nick of time. Then they activate the pop rocket corn again, causing it to fly up to the sky and explode into Pop Rocket Popcorn. With the Mechana-Circus ready to roll, Sasquatch is invited to perform in the next show! When the caterpillar is repaired the track is cleared, the race begins but it is run at a snail's pace. Sasquatch must overcome his skiing anxiety to get to the bottom of the hill and fix the numbers. Mission Accomplished! However, they soon find that by working together they are able to build a GREAT sand castle. Unicorn transforms to block the sun with some clouds, and the sunflowers close their tickly petals, but then, rain causes a giant mushroom to sprout Rex right underneath the team. Unicorn transforms to get a bird's eye view of the track; Rex transforms to lift an upturned Buggy the right way up; Mouse transforms to catch a runaway Buggy.


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