Welcome to my website! This digital piano is up to date with technology. The YDP-184 is one of the best Arius pianos you can get. Because each one of the keys will produce a different sound, layering two sounds is done by pressing two keys down at the same time. But it also includes so much of what the YDP-184 can do. On one hand, the fact that we can’t say that it’s a completely different product is good, because the YDP-163 already was a very good quality product. Until you reach that point, though, the Yamaha YDP-164 will prove to be a good companion, definitely worth every penny. If you are looking for a digital piano to record with along with other MIDI instruments, the YDP-184 will let you set your equipment up like a workstation. The materials on these Arius models are synthetic and completely ethical. The YDP-164 has two 20W speakers, but the YDP-184 has two 30W speakers. I think any student will appreciate VRM even if they don’t know what overtones are. They function as you would expect: right is the sustain (with the ability to half-damper), middle is sostenuto, and left is the soft pedal. Yamaha has been creating and producing top quality musical instruments and accessories for over 130 years, making a newly released digital piano a big deal in the lives of most musical players.The YDP-164 is the latest addition to the Yamaha Arius range of digital pianos to be released.This model arrived just in time as the … Yamaha YDP 164 Review (2020) Read More » Even the pedals “split.” The far pedal on each side becomes the “sustain” pedal for the side it’s below. It’s quite the difference for anyone I think. The YDP-164 is a new model that is meant for beginners or people who play for fun. In other words, a digital piano from the Yamaha Arius line is a companion for years to come. These updates include: These updates make the YDP-164 an excellent beginner digital piano. The Yamaha Arius line is in my opinion the perfect package. The YDP-164 and YDP-184 come with three gold pedals. The latest models of digital pianos have become more and more realistic. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. After playing an acoustic instrument, they will notice if they go back to a digital piano that produces flat-sounding tones. As more digital learning software comes out, flexibility and accessibility are going to become more important. But the YDP-184 gives you more options with hard 2, hard 1, medium, soft 2, soft 1, and fixed. This realistic touch gives students many benefits. If you’re using that voice setting, change the touch sensitivity to “fixed” for an authentic sound. The YDP-184 has a USB Wi-Fi adaptor you can use to wirelessly connect your device and your piano. The concept of being reasonably priced is, I think, very important for beginners who don’t want, and shouldn’t spend an enormous sum of money on a musical instrument that they’re just getting to know. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Besides the CFX Grand Piano sound, the YDP-164 has the following voices: Jazz Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Strings, Classic DX, 80’s Electric Piano, Pop Grand Piano Sound and Mellow Grand Piano sound. It lets you change the sound according to the way a piano would sound in different positions. The YDP-164 and the YDP-163 share more features than you might first think by judging the price difference. They both have: The MIDI let players use a DAW or notation software with their Arius. When you own one of these Arius models, you get the touch of a grand as well as one of the most recognized piano sounds available. But the YDP-184 uses Yamaha’s new Virtual Resonance Modeling along with CFX sampling. Hi, I’m Eliza. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is also a good setting to use with young students. Some people say plastic is better because ivory keys promote animal cruelty. The technology is more than fit for pianists from beginner stage up to advanced. At the time it came out, we really couldn’t imagine how much better it could get. Another aspect where Yamaha will probably innovate in the future is the possibility for the App to work with Android devices too. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. You can also find helpful information on learning to play the piano. The stereophonic optimizer gives you the sensation that you’re playing in a large room with space and reverb. Duo mode splits the range of your keyboard in two. Other than that, they feel and play the same. Pianos have never … [Read More], In this article, we’re going to review the Casio CGP-700. You probably wonder how and if Yamaha manages to upgrade an already great digital piano, especially in its price range. With products like digital musical instruments, reaching this sweet spot is pretty difficult. BestDigitalPiano.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The YDP-184 has 256-note polyphony, and the YDP-164 only has 192. Stores like Sam Ash and Guitar Center also offer used instruments at lower prices. I’ve been playing piano for the past 20 years and I’ve been teaching for the past 5. They are also helpful in this way for teachers and students and for group classes. The YDP-164 comes in 2 different colors: dark rosewood and black walnut. There are three sensors inside that replicate what would happen when striking a piano key. The YDP-164 uses a tone generator like most student digital pianos. Touch sensitivity settings let you decide how you want the keyboard to respond to your playing. In contrast, the YDP-144’s speakers have a combined power of only 16 Watts, meaning 8 Watts each. The chapter where the Roland is king is definitely the number and complexity of features. The YDP-184 stores 250 of the songs you create, but the YDP-164 can only hold 10. The “Hard” settings make the keys not very responsive. These YDP’s also have voices for different genres, including jazz vs. pipe organ and pop vs. mellow grand. The “Fixed” setting makes all the keys respond the same, no matter how hard you press them. The YDP-184 VRM produces the tone, instrument resonance, and overtones. The similarity between the two concerning the keys are the key tops which are synthetic ivory, with simulated let-off effect on the effect on the F-140. Yamaha YDP-164 vs Yamaha YDP-144. The YDP-184 only comes in dark rosewood. It has a richer, more vibrant sound compared to the CF Grand Piano. 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