NP-12; Size/Weight; Dimensions Width: 1,244mm (49") 1,036mm (40-13/16") Height: 105mm (4-1/8") Sound Quality. Free Shipping. Quick Shipper. The NP12 features a built-in metronome to aid your timing whilst practicing, but it also features a song recorder, a really handy practicing tool that allows you to record your playing, so you can listen back to hear where you need to work on improving. Watch. 61 keys. Simple, stylish, and portable piano-style keyboard. NP-12; Size/Weight; Dimensions Width: 1,244mm (49") 1,036mm (40-13/16") Height: 105mm (4-1/8") Just case you were worried about the restrictions of having only 5 octaves to play with, the NP12 does also feature octave shift and transpose functions, which can help to compensate for that shorter keyboard. Exquisite tone in a light, compact instrument—the Piaggero NP Series portable keyboards are an ideal combination of elegance and simplicity. It’s also possible to layer 2 of these sounds together, for example, layering piano and strings always sounds really nice and lush, and there’s also an adjustable reverb to add a kind of concert hall vibe to the sound. $199.99. Sam takes a quick look at the Yamaha Piagerro NP12 digital piano, check it out here: our full \"Top 6 Beginner's Digital Pianos \u0026 Keyboards\" video here: Yamaha Piagerro NP12 features 61 full size keys, which whilst not having the authentic weighted feel of a real piano, they’re still touch sensitive, meaning that the harder you play them, the louder the note, and that’s something that’s essential if you want to be able to play expressive and dynamic pieces of music. You can listen to your playing through either the built-in stereo speakers or via pair of headphones, there’s a connection for an optional sustain pedal, and finally, USB connectivity so you can connect the keyboard to a computer or tablet for use with tuition software. Subscribe: us on social media: From the first touch, I was amazed by its rich tones. Simple, stylish, and portable piano-style keyboard. Together with other useful features, this keyboard is considered to be one of the best Yamaha’s worthwhile portable keyboards. Yamaha NP-12 Piaggero 61 Key Digital Piano. The Yamaha NP12 is an upgrade to slightly older Yamaha NP11 and comes as a 61-key digital piano. The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Simple, stylish, and portable piano-style keyboard. Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 61-key Piano with Speakers - White. This keyboard has a minimalistic interface but is less than none other in terms of performance or functions. The Yamaha NP12 is a 61 key model that is modeled after the Yamaha Piaggero signature of Skin, Light, and Compact, just that it is adopted more efficiently here than in the earlier models. Preferred Seller. Columbia City, IN, United States. The NP12 is the new version of the Yamaha NP11, both keyboards have functions in common, however, as expected the NP12 has better features, below are the main differences between the two models: Both models have 61 pressure-sensitive keys, have 10 voices, 2.5w speakers, input for a … Exquisite tone in a light, compact instrument—the Piaggero NP Series portable keyboards are an ideal combination of elegance and simplicity. The Sound Yamaha NP12 is one of the main areas that make it shines in this price range. Then, one piano keyboard comes to our sight: Yamaha NP12. View online or download Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 Owner's Manual Having just the 61 keys, as opposed to the 88 notes on a full sized piano, means that the NP12 is much more compact in it’s design, and the none weighted keyboard means that the piano itself is much lighter, weighing just 4 and a half kilos, as opposed to the full size pianos on our list, which all weigh in at over 10 kilograms. In this review, we explore whether this piano is worth considering, keeping in mind that this is an entry-level keyboard, so it’s targeted at the beginner. Yamaha Piagerro NP12 Digital Piano - Review & Demo - YouTube Quick Responder. Designed around the essential elements that let you concentrate on playing, NP Series keyboards focus on the inspiration and enjoyment of playing a piano, and feature the pure tone of one of the finest grand pianos that Yamaha has ever made. Simple, stylish, and portable piano-style keyboard. We know that the sound of this keyboard couldn’t compete with acoustic pianos, but it can still win over most keyboards in this price range. Brand New. As a 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard, Yamaha NP12 has been very popular among entry-level players for its great-sounding voices and simplicity. Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 Pdf User Manuals. Add to Cart. GearNuts. 76 keys with Graded Soft Touch. 36,360. Add to this the fact that it can run on either the power supply that comes included, or 6 AA batteries, and it’s makes the NP12 a fantastic option if you’re looking for an inexpensive, portable piano.Feature-wise, there’s 10 onboard tones including 2 piano sounds sampled from Yamaha’s top concert grand pianos, as well as Electric Pianos, Organs, Harpsichords and Strings.


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