To drag text, select it first, then drag the selection. With discovery of related content, automatic display of backlinks, and a redesigned content area, your ideas and knowledge will come to life like never before. The design of Windows 12 will be totally different from the previous design patterns. But even well-intended software changes that seem graceful at first glance might reveal quirks or hassles during extended use. Windows: Improved scrolling via mousewheel/touchpad gestures. © 2020 TheBrain Technologies LP. Developers will get the freedom to add their own tabs, items to tabs, and gallery items to Office 12; and companies can build their own toolbars from scratch, if needed. Want to see more of TheBrain 12? A variety of new built-in styles are included. What if, say, options for text formatting that you want to make are hidden because you've clicked on a graphic? Command search: Find and execute commands by searching for them by typing. Backlinks and mentions are shown within the context of the paragraph headings where they appear. Paste of a URL while a notes selection exists links the selected text to the URL. Below the note, an automatic footer shows all related thoughts including mapped links, backlinks and mentions. Office 12 will require Windows XP SP1 or 2003 and will require a minimum of 256MB of RAM and a 512MHz processor. Search feedback now indicates clearly when a search has fully completed. The link command includes all the features of Quick Thought Creation so all types of relationships can be easily inserted with just a few keypresses. A new option at the top of search results enables creating a thought using the search query text. Collapsing also enables focus on a particular area while writing or reviewing content. Embedded browser is used when following URLs in notes. The tabbed command layout of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may be a welcome change if your wrists ache from clicking through the myriad drop-down menus, and Microsoft hopes that the new layout will be more intuitive. Old, familiar add-ins will also work in the new Office. TheBrain 12 Beta: Concept Discovery and Advanced Note-Linking. The familiar File and Edit drop-down menus will disappear to make way for functions grouped within a ribbon atop each window. To spare you from annoying interruptions, Microsoft hammered the nail in the coffin of the dorky paper-clip cartoon, Clippy. Mentions: Thoughts whose notes contain the name of the active thought even if not explicitly linked. Right-clicking a mouse will reveal the same task-specific menu choices as offered in the masthead banner. To move an image or link, just start dragging it then drop it when the cursor is at the position where you want it to be moved. Mentions utilize intelligent recognition of plural and singular word forms so exact matches are not required. Smart quotes insert opening and closing quotation marks automatically. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The task-oriented paradigm common to the separate releases of Vista and Office 12 will be new to everyone. Toggle "compact" notes toolbar from the toolbar itself. Create a thought and attach a URL in one step by entering a URL in the thought creation or search boxes. Many additional preferences to enable adjusting functionality to suit your personal workflow. Yet unlike previous versions of Office, which irretrievably mangle data when files become corrupted, Office 12 will separate documents' contents from formatting to allow emergency recovery. Upside: We appreciate the ability of the apps within Microsoft Office 12 (beta 1) to display live previews of formatting changes, so you'll never have to guess again what a font looks like.


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