Munmeet♥ 1 decade ago. The term "the square root" is commonly used to refer to the principal (positive) root though there are usually two roots. New questions in Math. Cancel the common factors. Cancel the common factor of and . It actually does go in equally. Simplify the denominator. Sign in. ((2^2)^2)^2 Simplify the numerator. What … So the answer is 16. Tap for more steps... Rewrite as . Answer: YES, 4 is in the list of digital roots that are always perfect squares. OK, so now we know that 256 could be a perfect square. So now we know the digital root of 256 is 4. Simplify square root of 144/256. Factor out of . calculate the value 0f f10/f5 2x + y = 1 … Anonymous. 2. Hope i helped. Factor out of . 1 decade ago. The perfect square 256 has 16 as its square root. Step-by-step explanation: 16 x 16 = 256 Nya! sqrt(x^2)=|x| 1 decade ago. Rewrite the expression. Rewrite as . From 1-100. We will find the square root of 256 by prime factorisation method 16^2 = (-16)^2 = 256 By definition, the principal square root of a number is the positive square root. salamat unta maka sabot kah rational or irrational? 7th grade math Ms. Sue please. Square Root Of 256. The answer is 16*16=256 therefore it does go in equally. 2 0. It has 30 square blocks, each the same size. Square root of a number is the value that returns the original number on multiplied by itself. We can conclude that 256 could be a perfect square! nya? sqrt(256)=16 at least that's the positive square root -16 is also a square root of 256. You can sign in to vote the answer. MeowSang MeowSang Answer: 16 Nya! The square root of 256 is 16. The … Shelly sews a blanket that has an area of 170 square feet. Pull terms out from under the radical, assuming positive real numbers. Step-by-step explanation:square root of 256=16square root of 144=12 How do you think about the answers? We have to find the factors of the number to be sure. Finding square root by prime factorisation is an easy method. What is the Square Root of 256? Roberto: "I will use square root 4 and square root 9." Cancel the common factor. Source(s): We need to factories the number under the root and pair them in two. (1 point) Rosa: "Use square root 9 and square root 25 to estimate." Is 4 in the list of digital roots that are always a square root (1, 4, 7 or 9)? 0 0. mozzerella20. ... Rosa, Roberto, Andrea, and Inno find an estimate for square root 10. Who has proposed the best solution? 2 See answers Mizk2 Mizk2 Answer: 16. Finding the square root of 256. Factoring. the square root of 256 is 16. Step-by-step explanation: I don't know how to square root numbers but I know what is the square of each number. 256 is a perfect square and is also called as zenzizenzizenzic. Lv 4. 2 0.


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