This slag, which is full of impurities, can be easily drained out, leaving behind the purified metal. The simplicity and beauty of natural limestone complement its many agricultural, construction and industrial uses. Other Uses. If the burnt-lime is combined with water, hydrated-lime [Ca(OH)2] or slaked-lime is produced. It’s best to keep them out of the fridge and use them within two days of purchasing. Different types of limes are used for building construction. Types of Limes. It is not generally found in the free state. This compound is relatively stable and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach). Quicklime is used for the following purposes. Ground limestone, either calcitic or dolomitic, is the most used, most abundant, and generally least expensive form of lime. Limestone’s susceptibility to acid rain causes many outdoor limestone statues to suffer, but it is still used today due to its suitability for carving. Lime is a corrosive base mineral that is most commonly used as a cement additive. Various forms of lime are used in environmental, metallurgical, construction, and chemical/industrial applications, and more. Lime's Myriad Uses. Lime is the versatile mineral. Lime is a product which is obtained by burning lime stone, a raw material, found in lime stone hills or lime stone boulders in the beds of old river, kankar found below ground level, or shells of sea animals. Limestone alters the pH of the soil and provides nutrients to plant life. You can use them in place of regular limes in any recipe, but they’re an ideal choice for sweetened-up desserts like Key lime pie, cupcakes or … Lime is also a useful and natural pesticide and fungicide with proven benefits for plants and crops. Key lime juice is prized for being tart and super-aromatic. The fastest growing use of lime is in environmental applications, where lime is used to comply with air, drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste regulations. ☞ It is used to make calcium supplements. Calcium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound with formula Ca(OCl) 2.It is the main active ingredient of commercial products called bleaching powder, chlorine powder, or chlorinated lime, used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent. The silicates bond with the lime to form a liquid called slag, which is immiscible with the molten metal.


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