Warm of course use Cinemag transformers, so it may be an easy switch these. PuigTec EQP-1A, Software parametric EQ from Waves in the PuigTec series. The second is the PuigTec MEQ-5, which emulates the MEQ-5. SHOOTOUT 3 - VOCALS 100Hz +5dB, 3kHz +5dB, 10kHz +5dB, Click Here to open the Shootout Player in a new window and blind test yourself. The Pultec is a passive tube EQ characterised by smooth wide curves that has been used on countless amount of records over the last 60 years. The Warm crunches up a little bit to our ears, and doesn’t seem to have quite the high end extension of our original Pultec but it is far from unpleasant, and you might not notice on many systems or in a mix. (the Cinemag S217D's cost ~US$225 each, so are probably not used in the stock EQP-WA we are guessing). we won’t share your email address with anyone else, Waves Q10 vs PSP MasterQ2 vs FabFilter Pro-Q 2, dbx 160 Shootout review - Analog vs UAD vs Waves vs Stillwell Audio vs Logic, API-550A EQ Shootout review - API vs Waves vs UAD vs Volko, 20 Analog Compressors Smashing Drums Shootout, 20 Plugin Compressors Smashing Drums Shootout, API 225L review - vs UAD vs Tonelux vs Pro Tools, Buzz Audio DBC-20 review - vs UAD Neve 33609 vs Lindell 254E, PSP 2445 Shootout review vs UAD EMT250 vs Fabfilter Pro-R vs Valhalla Room vs Waves TrueVerb, Digital EQs for Mastering Review - Part 1, Digital EQs for Mastering Review - Part 2, EL Distressor review - vs Arousor vs 1176, Pultec Review - Pultec vs Warm vs UAD vs Waves, Pro Tools BF76 Compressor vs Logic FET Compressor vs Urei 1176 Analog Compressor ShootoutPage, Pro Tools Compressor vs Logic Pro Compressor, API-560 EQ Shootout review - API vs Waves vs UAD vs Volko, WAVES Q10 VS PSP MASTERQ2 VS FABFILTER PRO-Q 2, WARM AUDIO INTERVIEW - WITH ANTONIO ANZALDUA, DIODE BRIDGE COMPRESSORS - TIM FROM BUZZ AUDIO, waves q10 vs psp masterq2 vs fabfilter pro-q 2, dbx 160 shootout review - analog vs uad vs waves vs stillwell audio vs logic, api-550a eq shootout review - api vs waves vs uad vs volko, 20 analog compressors smashing drums shootout, 20 plugin compressors smashing drums shootout, api 225l review - vs uad vs tonelux vs pro tools, buzz audio dbc-20 review - vs uad neve 33609 vs lindell 254e, psp 2445 shootout review vs uad emt250 vs fabfilter pro-r vs valhalla room vs waves trueverb, digital eqs for mastering review - part 1, digital eqs for mastering review - part 2, el distressor review - vs arousor vs 1176, pultec review - pultec vs warm vs uad vs waves, pro tools bf76 compressor vs logic fet compressor vs urei 1176 analog compressor shootoutpage, pro tools compressor vs logic pro compressor, api-560 eq shootout review - api vs waves vs uad vs volko, warm audio interview - with antonio anzaldua, diode bridge compressors - tim from buzz audio, PULTEC REVIEW - PULTEC VS WARM VS UAD VS WAVES, Click here to open the shootout player and blind test yourself, you can buy them at the bottom of the review. As an analog replica, Warm Audio once again have done a pretty impressive job, especially considering the low cost compared to an original Pultec from 1971. The PuigTec EQ package includes two analog EQ emulations. So, how do these stack up against each other in a shootout? Based on our own studies with other replicas of classic gear we think that if you could track down similar transformers to the original spec Pultec transformers you would get the Warm EQP-WA sounding even closer overall. Finally, there's a gain and attenuation knob you can adjust to fine tune everything. The plug-in is designed to be a software version of the Pultec equalizer of the same name. For more colored EQing, Waves API plugins are awesome when boosting the upper-midrange and low end. The Waves sounds like it has a very different curve to the original and the other clones as on the low end boost it seems to get a bit boxy in the mid range (listen to the ringing on the snare stand out). The solid line is the main signal, the heavier dashed line the second harmonics and the lighter dashed line represents the third harmonics. The Waves has the largest overall boost - Probably due to characteristics of the Q leading into the mid range as mentioned on the drums shootout. For when you feel like using two rack spaces to get one sound. I've been using the Waves JJP PuigTec EQP-1a for years. Listening tests and assumptions are determined, double checked or signed off at Gearshoot HQ on ATC110ASL Pro monitors. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Waves PuigTec EQs Plug-in Reviews. The low end on the EQs is all pretty comparatively similar bar the waves. Solid EQ that always does right by me. RS56 is incredible on stereo buss. On the Mid RangeThe Pultec original sounds the most open, with the Waves following not far behind - they have done a really good job of capturing the feel of the original. The Waves Ltd. PuigTec MEQ-5 is a mid range EQ plug-in that comes in a number of Waves bundles, namely the Jack Joseph Puig Analog Legends pack. The first is the PuigTec EQP-1A, which is based on the popular Pultec EQP-1A. On the MidsThe UAD and the Waves are very similar here with the Waves having a slightly mushier low mids. Review Waves PuigTec EQs But Im wondering if I should, if it is or isn't necessary to try using a surgical EQ in conjunction with the puigtec. And when it did I … lock I recently received the Softube PE1C (based on Tube-Tech's enhanced version of the Pultec) and the Univeral Audio UAD Pultec emulation. Found this review useful? With quality comes…….Clones.We will be comparing an Original EQP-1A3 from 1971 (Serial # 7412 courtesy of Roundhead Studios) With the UAD EQP-1A and Waves Puigtech EQP-1A plug ins. UAD Also has a lovely tips and tricks page for pultecs, Extra info for those interested in how we make our calls on what stuff sounds like -. Created with Sketch. Listen to - Crunching on sibilance - width and top end, especially on the reverb tails - Boxiness on plosives and vowels. The UAD, Warm and Original are all pretty tight and smooth in the low end with the UAD and the Pultec original being the smoothest. Here is a graph of a 100Hz 5dB Boost through the gear to show the different characteristics. The Pultec EQP-1A3. This Waves plugin is pretty famous as it's modeled after the Pultec EQP-1A. We reckon that they give us a pretty good chance at getting it pretty well in the ballpark of what it is going to sound like on most other people’s monitors. The Pultec is a passive tube EQ characterised by smooth wide curves that has been used on … No track selectedClick Here to open the Shootout Player in a new window and blind test yourselfOn the Lows The Warm sounds the most….well warm. On the HighsPretty much the same as on drumsOriginal is the most open, Waves is a bit mushy in the mids - UAD and Warm are similar. Hopefully you find our perspectives useful for understanding the similarities and differences of the replicas of the original Pultec sound. The Waves sounds a bit mushy in the mids and the UAD with curves close to the original but just not as much openness as the original. I don't believe that the plug-in is available outside of buying a full bundle, with the JJP Analog Legends bundle being it's origin. It's unique in that it can boost and cut the same frequency at the same time, so you can get all kinds of cool EQ curves going on. The Waves Ltd. PuigTec EQP-1A is an equalizer plug-in that's designed by Jack Joseph Puig and Waves, and of course modeled after the legendary Pultec EQP-1A Program EQ. As you can see each unit has its own levels of second and third harmonic distortion, with the UAD sitting closest (at 100Hz) to our test Pultec. Pultecs is known for the unique ability to boost and cut a single frequency simultaneously generating a resonant shelf in the process. The UAD sounds very close again with not as much high frequencies. The UAD sounds the tightest but has the least low end content of the EQs. That way you can start working knowing which one will give the feel you need for any mix and hopefully learn to get the best out of each type.


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