Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards are the treats on offer here. Explore their collection of fascinating books at your own pace. Virartgallery not play any role as intermediary. The only UK museum dedicated to the lives, histories, and triumphs of women has to be one for your list. *video exhibition (Click here to see a demo exhibition): the fee is € 10, for a minimum of 14 videos (Total € 140) and a maximum of 42 videos 4.the daily promotion on web into VirArtGallery channels. 4.the daily web promotion by VirArtGallery channels (website and socials pages). specifying: But what are these changes, how A wonderful virtual trip through their acclaimed Rembrandt exhibit is just one way to enjoy the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Ever-advancing technologies, combined with radical changes in consumer trends and how art collections are curated, could all point the way towards an exciting digital future for creatives. The exhibition includes: While the quarantine measures may keep you indoors, there’s nothing stopping your mind from stepping into these digital galleries and rediscovering the world through the lens of your favorite artist. Washington is stuffed full of museums – many of them offering virtual tours – but for our money, this is one of the best. VirArt Gallery is pleased to host the Carmen Lofraga Painting Solo Exhibition. * the artist must send images in .png format with transparent background. Oil paintings, porcelain, and portraits make for stunning insights into China’s artistic history. To request your exhibit send an email attaching the files (jpg or png min width 500px and min height 500px) of the artworks that National Gallery offers 3 virtual tours: one showcasing 18 gallery rooms, one Google virtual tour, and one showing the Sainsbury Wing. To guarantee a low cost of exhibit and a continuous improvement of our site in order to ensure maximum diffusion of quality art in the web. We’d give anything for a library like this! Allow artists or art sellers to set up auctions without having to bear the high percentages cost on sales imposed by the majority of the auction houses. Take a lesiurely trip through Van Gogh’s greatest works with this online collection. Experience the Gallery in virtual reality through your desktop, phone or VR headset. A virtual Art Gallery where exhibit no time limit all of their most representative works. ! The Frank Lloyd Wright design is worth seeing alone, but there’s enough art in here to keep you occupied on an online tour. The artist will be contacted directly by potential buyers through a contact form linked directly to the e-mail address provided. It’s a fully interactive experience which creates in the visitor the idea of being in a real gallery. The participant in the auctions will be updated in real time on the offerings, both following the auction directly on the site and by email. Here are … Valencia’s stylish park of arts and sciences has plenty to see, and now you don’t even have to leave bed to do it. Fine art sits amongst the tranquil sights of Golden Gate Park, but virtual tours are nice too! Otherwise it will be estimated and added to the cost of the exposure the cost of the necessary Exhibitions and Events Sponsorship: Your banner in evidence in the intro page of exhibition/event for Only € 49! Icon, stylish, and instantly recognisable, the Louvre is a must for art-lovers – and if you can’t take the trip, an online tour will have to do for now! Sorolla manipulated light and shade to brilliant effect, so a quick tour of his masterpieces is definitely on the cards. Choose the exhibitor's art type, country or age, or the combination that interests you. A web portal dedicated to all the artists, where performing like in a real Art Gallery with personal and collective exhibitions. For all the details, we can refer to our Action Terms and Conditions. - Video Artworks: € 7,00 for each one ** 3.the upload of your biography or your CV Guglielmo Bucchino Online Collection Gallery. Thought-provoking modern art is the order of the day here, at one of the most important art galleries in the world. “Social distancing” calls for a virtual exploration of the greatest art and culture the world has to offer. New York Art Galleries: The Virtual Experience With most spaces shuttered, art galleries are getting creative about presenting work online. The app (3D Gallery) allowed you to import images to place on the gallery walls then use a touchscreen interface to move around and view them. Contribute now to the growth and improvement of our website.Thank You! The best solution to create online virtual galleries and 3D exhibitions. [Featured image Roman Fox via Unsplash], (See a full list of London venue closures here.). Just couldn’t miss out repping our hometown, could we? Christmas ChinaArt N° 6 Paperworks. NB: no percentage of sales request! An innovative showcase for painting, photography, sculpture, graphic and video artists and a meeting place for art critics, talent scouts, collectors and potential art's buyers from all over the world. you wish to expose to info@virartgallery.com Visit the Exhibition! Welcome to our virtual exhibition. (Total 420 €). A web portal dedicated to all the artists, where performing like in a real Art Gallery with personal and collective exhibitions. - Title, technique, real size and price of each of them. Why donations or advertising on our site? If you go down to the woods today, you’ll probably be asked to head back indoors. A stunning waterfront property is best explored on one of Miami’s endless sunny days, but in the meantime there’s a virtual tour you can take. Successful bidders of the auction will be placed directly in contact with sellers, with whom agree on payment methods and shipping of the work purchased. Leading galleries from across the world have sent artworks to Miami, and you’ll be able to see them in these online viewing rooms.


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