Please depute a service engineer to rectify the fault. G. B. Gayzer (Magma) is not working for the past two days. Posted May 26, 2015. johnnyfuggles. The serial number 010gv [protected]. 6303 on; Lowest price of Venus Magma 10GV 10 Litres Water Heater was obtained on 03 Dec 2020; Latest price of Venus Magma 10GV 10 Litres Water Heater in India was fetched online from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues and Tata Cliq. List of Venus Water Heater repair services at your doorstep. But in the case where you have a gas water heater, you will need to connect the gas supply line from the stub at the wall to the tankless water heater. Venus Home Appliances - Do not make to watter venus home appliance 9711220702 care man is not repayer my arro Venus Home Appliances - Venus geyser magna plus Venus Home Appliances - venus water heater repair not responding properly by vajra coo land madurai We do repair and Service in Bhopal of all brand’s air conditioners at an affordable price. The heater features a durable and sturdy build quality that works well for Indian water scenarios. You can rely upon Venus water heaters for continual need of hot water for your sundry household needs. Only fault in the gayzer, which has to be set right. Submit Update. First, disconnect your heater from the electricity. The system does not work with 12volt charger aor battery supply. You can find a complete gamut of water heaters with Venus. The Red color indicator will glow, indicating that the heater is working. We repair only out of warranty products. Buy from the best deals available at top online stores in India. Mar 14, 2005 13,419 611 40,935. Since it is winter now, hot water is required for bathing. And, when it comes to the heating performance of this Venus water heater, it doesn’t disappoint either. First they took 9 days to do my initial installation. This works a bit like an upside-down bottle with its neck connected to the delivery side of the pump. The geyser comes with in-built safety functions that provide the necessary protection for safe usage. It provides you with hot water in an instant. To our annoyance, he did not bring any tool for installation and was asking my help for each and everything. If this part fails at off position then the water may not heat up at all. Venus water heater is a complex work which needs expert hands to fix the problem in complete way. The eb supply is in order. Features: - INTRODUCTION TO VENUS (VTC) ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Working of Venus VTC Solar Water Heater - What is Thermosiphonic Effect ABS Plastic Outer Body : Compact. Jun 11, 2012 1,494 5 19,185. The primary work of any water heater is to heat the water efficiently. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube, or absorber, covered with a selective coating that absorbs solar energy well but inhibits radioactive heat loss. The fact that when you get a short burst of hot water tells me the heater is full. So you no longer need to heat and store large volumes of water. About Venus. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube, or absorber, covered with a selective coating that absorbs solar energy well but inhibits radioactive heat loss. View more comments. It is equipped with unique glass lined double ceramic heating elements that offer uniform heating. Water Heater Service Chennai is the insured and bonded water heater company in Kodambakkam, Chennai which offers comprehensive range of water heater and is specialized in water heater installation, repair, and maintenance service to provide hygienic warm water to its clients. The Venus Vacuum Tube Collector solar water heater is made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes. The water heater was purchased on 14.10.2015 at venus electronics, fort station road, trichy-620002.. Geyser and Water Heater Repair Services Bhopal. johnnyfuggles. So you not only get hot water instantly, you also get to save on your power bills. If there is any problem search online- venus water geyser not working, venus water heater not heating. In case you have a water heater which uses electricity, then plug it in the wall socket and turn it on.


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