(Reise Versch .Provin. Distribution: Northern Europe from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Republics through northern Russia and Siberia to Korea, coast of The relatively small eyes are dark brown, with the rims of the eyelids pink to reddish. The Ural Owl is a large owl with a round head, no ear-tufts, and a relatively long tail with a wedge-shaped tip. In southern the Okhotsk Sea, Sakhalin and Japan. The Ural Owl is smaller than the Great Grey Owl, and much larger than the Tawny Owl, which it superficially resembles. Change ), Enter your email address if you want to learn more about animals, 5 Interesting Facts About Australasian Gannets, 5 Interesting Facts About Short-Beaked Echidnas, 5 Interesting Facts About Anatolian Newts, 5 Interesting Facts About Sydney Funnel-Web Spiders, 5 Interesting Facts About Luzon Bleeding-Hearts, 5 Interesting Facts About Dwarf Sperm Whales, 5 Interesting Facts About Egyptian Spiny-Tailed Lizards, 5 Interesting Facts About Golden Parakeets. Photo Gallery (14 pictures) The Ural Owl is more plentiful in areas where there is an abundance of rodents, for fieldmice and mice are the mainstay of its diet. Egg laying is from late March to mid-April, when 3-4 (sometimes 1-6) white eggs are laid directly on the bottom of the nest at intervals of about two days. It has a round head with plain buffish-grey facial discs, orange-yellow bill and small black eyes. Here is a beautiful Ural owl hunting for voles. They have a wide range of calls, including a very loud territorial call that can be heard 2 kilometres away in the forest. Light and dark morphs are known to occur, with the light form being more common. Eggs Here is a beautiful Ural owl hunting for voles. Size: Length 50-62cm. dirty yellow and the bill is yellow-horn. They mate for life and lay 3-4 eggs in a tree hollow or a hole in a cliff or building. A hoarse The female incubates the eggs alone, beginning with the first egg, while the male provides the food. They are normally not shy, and can often be approached quite closely. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Size varies between the female and male (female being larger) but ranges from 50cm to 62cm, weighing in around 0.5kg to not much over 1.2 kg. Surplus food is stored at the nest or in nearby caches. two months after leaving the nest, and reach sexual maturity before 1 year. shoulder. The Ural owl is a member of the 'Strix' genus, which are quite often referred to as wood owls. Keeper Notes. ( Log Out /  They successfully hatched their first egg in 2013 - a female owlet called Eclipse. wuhu huwuho-huwuwo. Ural Owls are fascinating. They are quite common and are not considered in danger of extinction. Ural owl eggs are highly variable in size, with the largest eggs being up to two times as large as the smallest ones. In other languages, the Ural owl is referred to as Slaguggla or “attacking owl” in Swedish, Habichtskauz or “goshawk-owl” in German and as the “long-tailed owl” in Russian. consists of rows of small dark and light, pearl-like spots. The female has a similar higher-pitched song which is hoarse, giving it more Today I want to write about a beautiful species of owl, the Ural owl. They are cared for and fed by both parents for about Nest sites include large natural holes in trees, cavities left by large broken-off branches, hollow trunks, fissures and holes in cliffs or between rocks, and They store extra food in their nests. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Ural Owl - Strix uralensis Pallas, 1771 Images from the web. Original Description: Pallas, Peter Simon. The Ural owl is a large owl that is part of the wood owl species. I liked your picture of the Ural Owl. 1771. The throat is whitish. and rats. Eyes dark. The male Ural owls have a deep rhythmic song and females have a hoarse higher pitched song. Ural Owl (and, correspondingly, for the Tawny Owl Strix aluco and Tengmalm's Owl Aegolius funereus also) . Genus: Strix. Flight feathers are conspicuously barred light and dark. Distinguishing features apart from the size are the pale, buffish grey-brown plumage, with copious dark brown streaking on the back, back of the head and underparts. The male and female have like holes in buildings. Females are heavier than males. Asia, This owl hunts mainly from Mild facial expression, but very aggressive at breeding ground. It is wide spread though out open forests of … They have a wide range of calls, including a very loud territorial call that can be heard 2 kilometres … Reise durch verschiedene Provinzen des Russischen Reichs Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ural owl LIVING HABITS. Wingspan: 105 to 116 cm. It feeds mainly on small rodents, but also on other small mammals, birds and frogs. It has a round head, long dark brown tail no ear-tufts, and wings that are each 10-15 inches (267-400mm) long. Facts about Ural Owls The Ural Owl (Strix Uralensis ) is a largish, tuff less owl. Today I want to write about a beautiful species of owl, the Ural owl. ( Log Out /  kuwett is likely a contact call.


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