3. Lenses may be cut or ground after manufacturing to give them a different shape or size. Convex Lens. A concave lens is also known as a “biconcave lens” because of two spherical surfaces bulging inwards. … If the lens is biconvex or plano-convex, the lens is positive or converging. 2. Most lenses are spherical lenses: their two surfaces are parts of the surfaces of spheres. Plano-Convex Lens. Plano-concave Lens. So, lenses formed by binding two spherical surfaces bulging outward are known as convex lenses while the lenses formed by binding two spherical surfaces such that they are curved inward are known as concave lenses. They are:- 1. A convex-concave lens is a type of lens in which one surface is convex and the other is concave. 5. Converging Meniscus. The lens axis may then not pass through the physical centre of the lens. The curvature radius of the concave surface of this lens is less than the radius of curvature of the convex surface. There are mainly two types of lenses. Divergent action of a concave lens … these lenses are flat on one side and bulged outward on the other), and convex meniscus (i.e. Typically the lens axis passes through the physical centre of the lens, because of the way they are manufactured. A lens is biconvex if both surfaces of the lens are convex. A concave lens is thicker at the edges and thinner in the middle. Convex lenses include lenses that are plano-convex (i.e. In general, there are two types of spherical lenses. You’ll learn that a fisheye lens is often ( though not always) a prime lens. Types of Spherical Lenses. 6. Plano-convex Lens: It is curved outwards from one side and the other side plane. Each surface can be convex (bulging outwards from the lens), concave (depressed into the lens), or planar (flat). 4. Concave Lens. This lens uses a particular type of “mapping” that purposely distort lines given a more convex appearance. (c) Concavo–Convex Lens: It has one surface concave and the other surface convex. A fish eye lens also tends to offer a better maximum aperture, helping you you shoot easier in lower light. It is positive focal length elements... 2. (b) Plano–Convex Lens: It has one surface plane and the other surface convex. Double Convex Lens: It is curved outwards from both the side. This is one of the basic difference between concave and convex lenses. these lenses are curved inward on one side and on the outer side it’s curved more strongly). (a) Double Convex Lens: It has both the surfaces convex. The line joining the centres of the spheres making up the lens surfaces is called the axis of the lens. Here we will discuss about the Concave and Convex Lenses only. Diverging Meniscus. 3. Types of Convex Lens On the basis, of the curvature of the two optical surfaces lenses are of two types biconvex and convex-concave. Types of Convex Lens: 1. It is also known as the Biconvex lens or just convex.


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