The cardioid is fairly wide. Like its predecessor, the TLM 67 is a versatile studio workhorse with three polar patterns, pad and low cut options. The chosen setting is indicated by a symbol shown in a window above the switch. Selfnoise is not a problem. Specifications As a continuing part of its 80th anniversary celebration (1928-2008), Neumann unveils the TLM 67, a new microphone based on its legendary 1960s workhorse U67. I paid $260 & $280 respectively for them (new) but have no reservations about putting them up against mics costing up to 10 times as much. Another circuit reproduces the U67’s sound characteristics, without the use of tubes, similar to the technology used in the company’s successful TLM 49. To mark Neumann's 80th year of business, the TLM 67 is based on the company's classic 1960s U67 microphone. B&H Deal Zone - Every day a new deal that expires 11:59pm EST or if product sells out. The TLM 67 sounds even quieter than its quoted figures. Succinct and informative reviews of audio equipment and other related technology. The new mic shares the TLM (transformerless microphone) approach of other recent Neumann designs, in which an electronic circuit mimics the action of a conventional output transformer, providing good common-mode rejection to suppress interference signals that affect the balanced modulation line. The omni is mildly beamy at high frequencies, but most are. It would be a tragic mistake to presume the M3 has the attributes of a TLM 67, or sounds anything like it. they are referred to as “Silicone Tube” by MXL, they have no vacuum tube and are essential FET mics. If you have thin sounding sources that you’re trying to beef up a bit, then run without the filter. A variety of accessories are available, including the EA87 elastic shock-mount suspension (shown in photo), a foam windscreen and a pop filter. It uses the same K67 capsule and features a special circuit design that closely reproduces the valve or tube sound characteristics of the U67. However they are both fixed cardioid pattern only and having the versatility of switch-able polar patterns is of course very desirable in some applications. The Neumann U 67 is also known as: U 60, U67. I found recordings of both guitars were accurate and with nice attention to mid range detail. What did you do? Specifications don't always tell the story. The figure of eight nulls are very deep. Selfnoise is not a problem. Update my browser now, By By George Petersen Rental links: TLM 67 and a good preamp are a truly transcendent experience. Using the TLM 67's figure of eight pattern, I found a good spot about six inches from the cabinet that gave me a nice chunk, good mids and a nice clean top. Published specifications are sometimes stretched for marketing purposes. Both mics perform very well but sadly they've been discontinued. From this relatively light workout, I went further, micing my vintage pre-CBS Fender Vibrolux and strapping on my ’72 thinline Tele to record some nasty rhythm tracks. For more information, visit, or to download a brochure in PDF format, click here. He knew about my extensive mic aray (U47, 800G, Rode Tube Classic, U87, C12, M149), but brought a mic he just got off Ebay. Neumann TLM 67 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. Published: 05/23/2008. I didn’t need the high-pass filter, but did need the 10 dB pad, even though the Vibrolux was only cranked up to 2 3/4 out of 10. The original U 67 shipped with its dedicated power supply, p/n NU 67. Update your browser to view this website correctly. Powered by. As such, the insides are very tidy. Three directional characteristics—omnidirectional, cardioid or figure-8—can be selected via a switch located below the grille. They may look quite similar, and they indeed share a number of similar features such as the switchable polar pattern, pre-attenuation pad, and high-pass filter. The patterns are the typical omni, cardioid and figure of eight. It was a U67, which I had never really heard before. This philosophy of updating performance and sound while retaining the spirit of the U67 is carried out throughout the TLM 67. If I had to buy a new mic today, I'd be hard pressed to choose between a U 89i, one of which I already have, or a TLM 67.Regards,Ty Ford, Rock n Roll Rentals site is updated., Technique, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. A large wire mesh grille encloses the TLM 67’s large diameter, double-diaphragm K67 capsule, the same that was used in the original U67.


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