It doesn't matter if you met on Tinder or you're Beyoncé and Jay Z. Don’t let another week go by. She replied that “Well, when he’s playing that piano, there could be a hurricane, a tornado and a terrorist attack and he absolutely would not notice!”. All the pointers I've learned from my parents' relationship should be considered common knowledge. Don't take until he breaks. Your dad spoke about you and Charles and Elizabeth with such pride and he adored the three of you. Time stands still when you need An answer. I think I wore out that record. The guy can't always be tough and fix things, and the girl can't always sit back and look pretty. Voice your needs and wants, and be smart enough about what you think is worth going through the trouble for. Since this tune has been on my mind ever since I started planning to feature I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, I decided to look up the words. Quite frankly, I think Rodgers and Hart’s message is much more universal and much more optimistic. They both trusted each other, and that's why they're still in love today. Your email address will not be published. My mom likes to joke that she didn't even know my dad when she moved to South Carolina, and it was the scariest time of her life. My father passed away last month after a 2 week illness at age 92, so he was on y mind a lot. Glad you are able to combine this with teaching at Berklee too. All the best to you in your professional and personal life. When it came to looking at today’s song, I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, I was reminded of how things were a couple of generations ago. Always delighted to include mention/links to your work. Speaking of Latin rhythm arrangements, one of my classmates from New England Conservatory (now a professor at Berklee College of Music), jazz vocalist Kris Adams offers yet another wonderful upbeat version of this great standard on her CD called This Thing Called Love. They both tried and did what was best for their relationship and family. I’m sure he is enjoying this tune from his new vantage point. So, don't force anything, and just enjoy each other. Always take your time. Required fields are marked *, I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, But Time Stands Still When You’re In Love. Eternity will be like that, one moment like a thousand years and a thousand years like one moment. Back in the days prior to World War II, things were a bit different. Isn't that nuts? Rely on yourself, and do what's best for you. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. He found this fascinating and would usually ask me if anyone wears a watch anymore. In either case, you’ll find that the Mascari Piano Studios’ approach to teaching will provide you with the encouragement and patience you’ll need to help you enjoy the learning process either as a parent or as an adult student. Times get tough. In addition to the walk down musical “Memory Lane”, the image of your dad sitting on the bench in Scarsdale village was so right on. You want someone who knows the potential you have and pushes you hard without breaking your spirits. In my “classical” i.e. His marvelous Bossa nova arrangement reflects his heritage as a native of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. As usual, the music and lyrics are … I’m sure your experience of playing lounge gigs as a bassist in addition to appreciating this repertoire has made you a much more effective teacher and choir director. At that moment too we are in heaven, not having a foretaste of heaven, but actually being in heaven. You can choose to study there with one of our terrific piano teachers. I can only hope and dream that I have a marriage half as wonderful as theirs. They are both amazing people inside and out, and they deserve each other wholeheartedly. I love the story you told about your dad. Thanks again, My mom moved to South Carolina for my dad after they got married. My mother is the kind of woman I aspire to be. Despite the fact that it is written in 4/4 time, I found myself drawn to playing I Didn’t Know What Time It Was as a jazz waltz. The title of the LP is Time for Tyner. How about you? They've gone through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs together. Contrary to what many of you might think was relaxing e.g. Most of us are in a hurry and yet we don’t seem to be able to control our time. The type of love described in this wonderful standard is really timeless. But my mom is a smart, strong woman. They know all of each other's strengths and weaknesses, and they have become an unstoppable team. You want someone who can be a good parent to your children, and someone who will love you unconditionally on both good days and bad days. The music combined the talents of pianist McCoy Tyner with vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. There will always be bills to pay, stupid people to deal with and 80-hour work weeks to get through. Greatly enjoyed “I didn’t know what time it was,” and then went to “All the things you are,” which is on my short list for the most beautiful song in the Great American Songbook. Give and take equally. One of the songs that made them famous was called Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Then, they moved back to Massachusetts because it felt like the right thing to do. March 1, 2016 . At times, both will have different views, but they voice them respectfully. My parents complement each other, and they balance each other out. Priceless. What a marvelous feeling it is to meet someone and fall in love! You get his or her baggage, family, debt and history. They make each other happy, and they laugh when times suck. They are genuinely good people. We had lunch at that corner cafe and had some laughs…it was great. But, you have to be strong not only for yourself, but also for your partner. 12 Reasons Time Stands Still When You're Living In True Love. Jean, And it stands still when we’re in pure admiration, in awe, in wonder, in adoration. I’ve ALWAYS loved your singing. If you talk to many of our students, especially the adult piano students, they’ll tell you that they enjoy playing the piano so much that time stands still. Thanks for including my version of the song! Keeping this in mind, it certainly seems like the message of love described in , has a piano parallel which is absolutely apropos. Rushing has been the downfall of most of my relationships. They don't act lovey-dovey because the honeymoon ended a long time ago, but you can still see how happy they are when they're with each other. Why not get the guidance you need to help you really play the piano (or keyboard)? This person will be fine. Whether you fall in love in 2012 or your great-great grandfather was falling in love in 1912, time stands still. If you live in or near Hudson, Stow, Bolton, Northborough, Marlborough, Harvard, Berlin, Clinton, Lancaster or Shrewsbury, you are just minutes away from our centrally located Hudson Piano Studio location. Uprooting is a big deal, and it involves a lot of give and take. My father is the kind of man I want to marry. Don’t know how he could concentrate. As a result, neither one of us could really figure out why people would ask him what time it was. Now is the time to act! Work and home is the same to them. Don't ever say something you can't take back just because you're mad about something that can be resolved in less than five seconds. I've never heard either of them call the other awful names out of spite. My parents have worked together since before I was born. She was skeptical, and she kept her distance. Just take 20 seconds to contact us today. It's not a hard concept. Beautiful as always, Ed. I can't wait to have that. Yes, I can see why a a classical vocalist, voice teacher and choir director, you enjoy music from the American Popular Songbook. What a marvelous feeling it is to meet someone and fall in love! Jean. The list goes on as you might imagine. When I last gigged (bass in a cocktail trio back in the 60s) I tried to keep as many of those songs on our list as possible. If it's meant to be, it will be. I suppose that this is today’s climate. It's beautiful. Your actions affect more than just yourself in a relationship. Don't ever change who you are for someone. In those moments we stand outside of ourselves, in the purest form of love that exists. You need to have a solid support system to back you up on the days where you just need a break. My wife was describing the occasional bedlam in our house to someone recently, and they asked whether I had difficulty concentrating. Everything they did, they did it together. You'll be listening to Adele and eating Ben & Jerry's for the next three weekends. By Stacey Politis. I can't imagine that working in today's world. You can't ignore the parts that will test your patience and love. That whole repertory is my favorite outside of the classical world, where I mainly work. Ed, Glad you liked the post. They got by with love, support and respect for one another.


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