Timber Frame Architects & Custom Mountain Home Architects, Log and Timber Frame Home Architect - Designer of luxury residences 1.828.269.9046 Rand@HomeArchitects.com Merry is a consultant to the group. timber frame fabricators to insure that systems integrate properly in their designs. This was quite a few years ago. Meadow Creek, BC They also designed a nice home for a Virginia client. Welcome to Timberworks Design - Working to bring your timber framing dreams to life - Specializing in Timber Frame, Post & Beam & Log Home Design Established in 1989 Timberworks Design brings over 30 years of timber frame design experience, working with hundreds of clients in over 45 states and all Canadian provinces. post and beam architect and some post and beam history, timber frame and timber frame history going back thousands of years, timber frame home design, by senior staff member: Rand Soellner Architect, featured in magazine, timber frame home project by senior staff member: Rand Soellner, AIA, mountain dream log mansions : a nice timber frame elevation here. Contact Page RESPONSIVENESS: having your architect be available is important to you and it should be to them as well. the pages of international books and magazines throughout the world. Availability and suitability are important factors when choosing the wood for your home. featuring Rand Soellner Architect: Licensed Architect: North Carolina #9266/52666. Architects We have previously been contacted by architects and designers unfamiliar with timber frame detailing and building techniques. These homes are long-lasting, comfortable, attractive and energy efficient, with a high resale value. The company also was log cabin designer on this interesting Lake Toxaway project. Our Timber Frame Architects created this big-beamed kitchen-dining space for clients from Atlanta in their North Carolina estate. Staff architect Rand Soellner grew up in South Bend, IN, where he designed and worked building houses with his father and grandfather. Here you are, having a wonderful custom timber frame house designed and paying for the privilege, so you have a right to expect that your designers will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, if not immediately answer the phone when you call them. Fax: (250) 366-4333 Are you a custom home architect? All Rights Reserved Worldwide. House, Barn, Cottage, Sugar House, Cabin, Gazebo, Carport, Studio, Porch, Pavilion, Screen House, Entries and many more structures. Rand Soellner, senior staff architect of the company is available and pledges responsiveness to all his clients. The beauty of any timber frame home begins to be understood in the design phase. They have a possible project from Connecticut and another from Pennsylvania. Shown above, Rand and Merry Soellner of the company (who perform the duties on projects as timber frame architects ) are visiting Harmony Exchange’s timber framing facility. Even our more modest timber homes are stunning works of art, in addition to being energy efficient, luxurious and more affordable than homebuilders may think. Rand said that the company had timber frame architects working on a Boy Scout Camp project being built and he went to check on it a few times. Timber Frame Architect - Barn Builder in Maine - Connolly & Co. Call: (250) 366-4320 We are growing this network to have a group of dependable timber framers whom we can suggest to our clients who happen to have a residential project in your area. https://www.homearchitects.com/timber-frame-architects…. The project used large diameter log posts and heavy timber beams. But mainly, the physical, almost psychic “presence”, of the massive wood members “called to me,” said Soellner, “something about being architects and designing these giant-sized Lego – blocks has an irresistible appeal for me. Grand views of the Blue Ridge mountains refresh the occupants. See your individual agreement for specific services provided for your project. The modular construction gives you a great amount of architectural design freedom, whether you’re creating a complete structure or embellishing a conventional stick frame home with timber design elements like exposed ceiling beams and gable accents, for added style.


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