“In a perfect world, people would bring their mugs to the store,” said Matthew Brennan, a member of the local Sierra Club. Why can’t you recycle polystyrene foam coffee cups, egg cartons and takeout containers? In the worst case scenario, that plate or cup you used once, for five minutes, could be around essentially forever. Thank you for your support! If you want to recycle some EPS products, the natural first step is to do a quick online search for the recycling program operates in your town, and/or contacting them to find out whether they accept this type of waste. Expanded polystyrene foam, not so much. The polystyrene foam used in these items is about 95 percent air, which makes transporting it very expensive. Type an item . The little recycle symbol on those items —which you probably think of as Styrofoam ... it’s because nobody wants to buy recycled foam food containers. At least not at a price that makes financial sense for recycling companies. They’ve also recently started requiring toilet paper and paper towel tubes to GO IN THE TRASH. If your local recycling facility doesn’t take peanuts, you can contact your local UPS store to find out whether they accept them for reuse. Or we could ban it, as the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club is trying to do. Like any recyclable material, it’s important you know a few basics before disposal: We recently got new recycling bins at the Lifehacker office, and suddenly realized no one knew all…. Long pants and boots are recommended, as it will probably be wet. At least once a day, Monroe County's recycling plant shuts down to clean up plastic bags that people mistakenly place in their curbside bins. Styrofoam food containers recycling. “The economics are difficult and even the environmental impacts of transporting a truckload of lightweight polystyrene could be questionable,” said Nicole Fornof, communications and municipal relations manager for Waste Management, the company that runs Monroe County's curbside recycling program. You can make big bucks selling recycled plastics, metals and papers. You will learn about native birds and plants and the efforts to mitigate the impacts of emerald ash borers on the woods. More: Plastic bags wreak havoc at recycling plant. Colored foam, packing peanuts, food trays/containers and cups would not be accepted for recycling. As bans on single-use plastic bags and straws gain momentum across the globe, attention is now focused on another mighty environmental opponent: styrofoam. Basically, it’s because nobody wants to buy recycled foam food containers. San Diego, California and Greensboro, North Carolina are just a few examples of cities that offer the option of recycling your EPS materials. It’s likely best to quickly rinse any food containers with water. And while being mindful of our own EPS usage is an important first step, larger-scale policy measures are crucial towards curbing the problem, as well. In fact, all of that material is actually referred to as expanded polystyrene. While the material is less commonly accepted at recycling facilities than paper or plastic due to the high costs and energy use required to recycle it, with a little extra effort, it’s still possible to recycle styrofoam if you find yourself with stray cups or takeout containers. And if so, be sure to ask how styrofoam collection works. The walk will be canceled in the event of heavy rain or thunderstorms. Recyclers condense recyclable materials into bales that are then sold by weight. WTAF! Last week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report—a klaxon, really—warning. ABC7 Some restaurants and other food businesses have … The environmental group has been lobbying Rochester City Council and the Monroe County Legislature to follow in the footsteps of more than 100 municipalities in the United States that have enacted some sort of foam ban. Back Styrofoam food trays, take out containers, egg cartons, large packing materials. North Vancouver Bottle & Return-It Depot. If you’re unsure whether your curbside recycling program accepts EPS—or you find out that it doesn’t—do the next best thing and drop your EPS products off at a nearby recycling site that does accept the problematic material. Most packing peanuts are made of EPS, but some companies have adopted cornstarch to create a biodegradable alternative, which is virtually identical to the EPS version. When recycling any takeout containers, make sure they are as clean as possible. The U.S. is currently diving head-first into a literal trash heap of a problem; China, one of the largest importers of our recyclable material, recently banned the import of our trash, creating an influx of garbage staying on our landfills.


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