These will influence how you build your army and what you should collect first. They tend to re-release these boxes every holiday, so keep an eye out if you can live with waiting to start your army. The difference between the two units from a purely MathHammer approach is a bit of a toss up. Vanguard-Raptors with 2 shot longstrike crossbows? The table below is based on a unit of 5 with no rerolls. Getting Rerolls for attacks. And since you can fit more models into Liberator squads with the potential of their new paired-weapons to generate more attacks they can potentially put out a lot more attacks, but less effective ones. Gavriel Sureheart's Command ability is amazing with the army Allegiance ability as it's confirmed to stack meaning for 2CP you can deep strike Paladins 9" away and charge them in with a +6" to range all but guaranteeing the charge. Generic. Outside of that almost every single unit they have has a ranged weapon instead of shields. Each enemy unit within 18" takes D3 Mortal Wounds on 4+. A Lord-Celestant leads 2 squads of Liberators, 2 squads of Judicators, and a squad each of Decimators and Protectors. With the changes to mystic shield and other buffs from your new mages, it is entirely possible to make them just as survivable (for instance a paired weapon squad with a mystic shield is just as durable as a shield squad but better in combat. Regarding the shields. Really both have their uses and it is up to the player on what they want to do with both. 14:48. If your opponent kills a unit from this (like the birds, or heroes), then you get a free shooting attack from one of your units at whatever killed your unit. It’s more expensive than a standard Start Collecting but well worth it since the box gets a Lord on a big bird mount, 10 Sequitors, a Ballista crew, a Knight Incantor, 5 Castigators (their ranged foot unit), and 3 Evocators (these are very strong but since they come in minimum units of 5 models, this box leaves you needing to find two more). On turn 2 translocate your Lord Castellent right in the middle of them and watch your opponent cry. 2000 POINTS. Vandus Hammerhand acts a combat monster here and acts as an upgrade over a Lord Celestant if you’re playing Hammers of Sigmar. But in your turn, it's probably better to change the radius roll for the comet and deal myriads of mortal wounds. LUBE UP, THE STORM'S COMING IN DRY! Are your Liberators there to rain attacks down on your enemies when there are probably other units that can do the job much better? 3 packs of Prosecutors and a pack of Liberators as well as judicators in a rather nice formation. While we won't go into the full specifics of how these cities and forces work, here are some basic ideas. The Blade and Stave will be much better against units with rerolls however as the rend will have a much greater impact. If you piss them off, you better pray you can run from the STORM. - points. Bring the Stormtower garrison battalion, using a units of 5 libs and a unit of 30. So if your opponent is on an objective you need to smash him in the knee caps to do it. Built using WordPress, Anyway that’s all there really is too it! Matched play rules, battleplans and expansions: Generals Handbook 2020, plus the battleplans from the Core Book and Endless Spell rules from Malign Sorcery. This entire formation can deep-strike absolutely anywhere they like so long as it's 5" from any enemies and within 12" of a point, and they never suffer Battleshock. 3 units of Raptors and 3 units of Aetherwings. They get the same Deep-Strike rule but also gain an extra attack if ever a unit dies. These are based on an average 2,000-point game. All in all it is probably better to have a mix although large units will want to lean on the Grandstave more heavily due to the extra reach.


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