5. All rights reserved. See the video for the Facebook Live from Monday evening. Why have models of Colorado’s coronavirus trajectory been off? Trees and downed power lines knocked out electricity for thousands in the state, and pea-sized hail was reported in scattered areas, including Peyton, Pueblo and Manitou Springs. The storm speeds drew attention from meteorologists across the country on Saturday. 2020 has already set the record for land falling hurricanes in the Continental US surpassing 1916 which had 9. Grand Junction recorded some flooding, but rain generally was not the problem. Models remain in good agreement that the storm will turn north and eventually northeast as it rounds a ridge of high pressure in the Atlantic. Other powerful winds recorded in the state included 86 mph in Buford, 85 mph in Cedar Point, 78 mph at Chatfield Reservoir, 79 mph at Copper Mountain, 78 mph at Barr Lake. A squall line is a narrow band of intense thunderstorms. Since records began in 1851, only two other seasons had 11 or more hurricanes form, 1950 & 2005. The storm made landfall near Cocodrie, Louisiana earlier this afternoon, and is bringing hurricane impacts to the majority of southeastern Louisiana, including New Orleans. Squall line … Trees were blown down by hurricane-force winds in Denver, Durango, Aurora and elsewhere. Most of the Panhandle won’t see tropical storm force winds, however Okaloosa, Walton and Holmes counties will have the potential for some gusts of tropical storm force. Keep in mind that if the track shifts east we could see more significant impacts so stay aware of possible changes. It contains heavy precipitation, hail, frequent lightning, strong straight-line winds, and possibly tornadoes and waterspouts. They can have destructive winds and tornadoes. It is also expected to remain at hurricane strength for a longer period of time than initially predicted. Even gusts to 40mph appear unlikely. Impacts from Zeta are expected in our area on Wednesday into Thursday, with rain the primary impact we will see here. The storm will cross the Yucatan tonight before moving back into the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday. UPDATE 7:30PM 10/26/2020: Zeta was upgraded to a Cat 1 80mph hurricane this afternoon. Who is Kendall Hinton? The F2 tornado near Chiefland in Levy County led to 3 fatalities. UPDATE 11:30PM 10/25/2020: Tropical Storm Zeta has strengthened with winds now 60 miles per hour, moving northwest at two knots. Impacts and timing from previous update remain unchanged and are listed in the prior update below... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. We already had very strong winds in lower part of the atmosphere, and it didn’t take a lot of energy from the thunderstorms to increase the wind.”. Hurricane Zeta makes landfall in Louisiana, The storm will bring impacts to NWFL tonight, Five killed, 8-year-old lone survivor in Okaloosa County crash, Two dead after single-vehicle crash in Washington County, Dangerous Hurricane Iota makes landfall as Cat. Wind: There’s a 10-20% chance for tropical storm force winds of up to 40mph. While winds at the upper levels of the atmosphere are typically confined to air well above the surface, the strong upward motion of Saturday’s storms allowed them to mix down to the surface. “This was really an unusual setup for Colorado,” Hanson said. Severe weather will be possible overnight Wednesday into Thursday AM w/tornadoes being possible as well as gusty damaging straight-line winds. UPDATE 11:30AM 10/26/2020: Tropical Storm Zeta is likely to become the 11th USA land falling hurricane of the 2020 season, after it makes landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula it’ll head toward the North Central Gulf Coast. Zeta may reach hurricane strength before landfall in the Yucatan tonight. Some gusts to TS force will be possible over Walton, Okaloosa & Holmes Counties. The rest of our area will likely not see TS winds or gusts. A gust of 110 mph was recorded about 3 p.m. in Winter Park. Along the Front Range, some of the measurements were 69 mph at the Air Force Academy, 70 mph in Morrison and 63 mph at Buckley Air Force Base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Cheyenne reported winds of 70 mph. Thunderstorms that originated in eastern Utah and along the Western Slope formed a squall line that produced damaging winds and power outages across the state Saturday afternoon, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Greg Hanson. In the early 20th century, the term was used as a synonym for cold front. Shortly after 8 p.m. Saturday, about 45,000 Xcel customers across Colorado remained without power — most in and around Denver. Rainfall: 1 to 3″, higher amounts west of Hwy331, lesser amounts east of Hwy231. 4. Severe: There’s a low end risk of severe thunderstorms, a few isolated severe thunderstorms are expected, with a few weak and rather short-lived tornadoes possible. As of now here is the timing of and expected impacts of what we can expect here in the panhandle. For now our area remains on the edge of the cone, but we are on the eastern side of the storm so some impacts are likely.


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