You are generally at lower risk if you are spraying low solvent paints for short periods in an open / well-ventilated space. Risk to decorator if not used properly and in good order Med low Steps in good order and used on flat even ground. This means it is very important to have the right controls in place and to make sure they are properly used. An air-fed mask must be used, Respiratory protective equipment is checked before use, reported defects are dealt with promptly and unsafe equipment is taken out of use, Refer to the manufacturers instructions on filter replacement times. Maintain: Make sure all the controls are properly maintained. Chemical contact, dangerous inhalants and abrasive tools are harmful risks that must be mitigated by professional personal protection equipment (PPE) products. Painting has inherent risks. Pay particular attention to the following things: Identify and assess: The risks from spraying solvent containing materials vary. They may recommend health surveillance such as lung function tests and skin checks for dermatitis. I initially thought of training required and the usual ppe, ie vapour Anyone else got any other ideas or a template please. Avoid over-reaching whilst using them. I initially thought of training required and the usual ppe, ie vapour Anyone else got any other ideas or a template please. Spray painting could result in exposure to fumes or vapours which may cause skin irritation, dermatitis, asthma and ill-health to you, your employees and/or visitors. During spray painting operations, workers are at a greater risk of . Proximity to flammable or combustible materials. Standing for long periods of time. Hi Guys, after a bit of help. .94 Ÿ Is local ventilation good? Spray painting and powder coating – Code of Practice 2013 (PN11581) Page 5 of 40 1 Introduction 1.1 What are spray painting and powder coating? • A tower to be used if high work required. For large problems with insects or for other animals, call an exterminator. Spray Painting. You are particularly at risk if spraying high solvent containing materials in small / enclosed spaces. I have just had one the blokes come in and ask a question. If you have forgotten your login details enter your email address in the form below. Be clear about what you are going to measure and how you will use the information. Risk of injury from falling objects. Other spraying tasks can produce higher solvent exposures. .132 Ÿ Is correct type of respirator being worn by personnel? Exposure to paint products, solvents, lead and other toxic substances. All macros are virus free. I need a risk assessment if possible for spray painting. Make sure the breathing air is uncontaminated and meets ‘minimum flow conditions’ in terms of tubing length / internal bore and air pressure. .94 Ÿ Is the compressed air for cleaning under 30 psi? This template is in fixed field format and contains macros. Seek specialist helpif you are unsure. Once you have completed your Risk Assessment Form for Painting and Decorating you should transfer the information in the ‘further controls/action’ column into your Action Plan so that you can monitor who has carried out the works and when. Spray painting including electrostatic spray painting, is a process by which liquid paint is applied under pressure to an object. Post by Woodie » Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:43 pm. Beta This is a new way of showing guidance - your feedback will help us improve it. RISK ASSESSMENT INFORMATION Potential Hazard(s) Serious injury due to skin injection and/or contact Risk Level High Spray from the gun, hose leaks, or ruptured components can inject fluid into your body and although the injury may appear like a cut, it is an extremely serious injury, which can/may lead to the need for amputation. HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. Anyone using tight fitting RPE also needs to be clean-shaven and face-fit tested. Hi Guys, after a bit of help. One of these is an apprentice. .94 Ÿ Is local ventilation good? PAINTING JOB HAZARD ASSESSMENT 1 Job Hazard Hazard Control Trip or fall hazards ... spray the area. .242(b) Ÿ Is personal protective equipment (PPE) provided and used? Certain spraying tasks can produce very high exposure to solvents. Exposure to bird and rodent droppings. The assessment showed the exposure risk for when cleaning paint equipment to be significantly lower with Purasolve Paint Equipment Cleaner then with paint thinners containing methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, xylene or acetone. Risk Assessment Management. You are particularly at risk if spraying high solvent containing materials in small / enclosed spaces. Take specialist help if you unsure about this. You must get the correct RPE for the work you are doing. Exposure to moulds, fungi and bacteria. .94 Ÿ Is the compressed air for cleaning under 30 psi? There are Example risk assessment: motor vehicle repair body shop Setting the scene The business employs two sprayers and two other workers who assist with body preparation, panel beating etc. Unconsciousness and death can even occur. Spray painting may be carried out by hand or automatically. Spray painting risk assessment. Filters should be changed before there is a breakthrough of taste or smell to the user, as the organic vapour filters become exhaused, Be aware that latex gloves may cause skin allergies, Spray-to-dry cleaning of gun is carried out in a ventilated area using respiratory protective equipment, Health surveillance is provided where required, Consult an Occupational Physician where there is a risk of exposure to hazardous substances.


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