Paloma (Fresh Edition) Fresh grapefruit juice lacks the zesty punch of soda, but it is brighter, less sweet and just as refreshing. recipe. The Paloma … Paloma. Here’s how you’d make that version. Even if grapefruit isn't usually your favorite citrus, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by … A paloma has the bittersweetness of grapefruit, the acidity of lime juice, tequila, the sweetness and fizz of the traditionally used grapefruit soda, and a salted rim, so it speaks to all of your areas of taste. For another refreshing cocktail, try my Vodka Lemonade. A Paloma is a light, refreshing grapefruit-flavored cocktail that gets its kick from a shot of tequila. Using freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and lime juice makes it a little extra special.


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