Sounds can also convey positive emotions, and many brands have incorporated sound elements into their brand in a process known as audio branding or sonic branding. Audio branding isn’t new. But by focusing so much on vision, we often overlook the important information that sound can convey about brands. And it’s about time we must try to get familiar with sonic branding and improve our brand identity along with It. Your sonic identity serves as a distinctive brand asset, and helps your brand differentiate from competitors. Fortunately, however, we had just the thing – music. Sonic branding also helps with differentiation. Over the past few years, we have seen several notable brands investing in their sonic identity; with Mastercard, Formula 1, Aldi, and Volkswagen amongst just some of the brands who have embarked upon sonic branding journeys. However, the benefits of sonic branding are still largely overlooked and underappreciated in the marketing world. However, sonic logos are just the beginning. Mastercard has also leveraged sonic branding by doing research on the sounds that their customers experience throughout their journey with the brand including when they dealt with them online, in-store, at the point-of-sale, and so on. Interview With Ken Segall – the Ad Man Who Placed the ‘i’ in iMac. Thanks for sharing this article with us all. Their research showed that 77% of customers thought the sound made their experience with Mastercard more trustworthy. And they also noted that the sound conveys safety by demonstrating that the cap hadn’t been opened yet. For example, when Skype uses a different ringtone than other companies, differentiating themselves from standard phone services. And just last month, entertainment giant Netflix launched a new version of its sonic logo for cinemas, created by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer to zhoosh up its infamous “ta-dum” sound. The Psychology Behind Sounds in Marketing: Sonic Branding November 25, 2020. If the original sonic logo had the effect of transforming our living rooms into cinemas, the new version by Zimmer turns cinemas into amphitheaters, highlighting why sound is such an essential ingredient for any brand. Right now is the perfect time for brands to stop and reflect on how to mindfully and effectively introduce their sound to the world. Make no mistake; businesses across the world and all industries are faced with extraordinary challenges over the coming months. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates As doors were shut across the nation by schools, universities, offices, and gyms, we craved comfort, closeness, and connection. Radio has boomed as a place of solace and real human connection for many, the Spotify ‘every day is like Sunday’ station aided the lockdown languor for millions. in the world of psychology-driven marketing. Marketers often focus on communicating information through visual mediums like TV screens, phone screens, print advertisements, and billboards. However, uncertain our “new normal” may be, this new chapter is a ripe opportunity for brands to question how they engage with their audiences. Physical closeness, touch, and live experiences – they’re not exiting the COVID fog any time soon. Kids back to school, office lights momentarily blinking on, widespread confusion about how many people were allowed to meet in the garden and whether we should work from home. Overall, there are many examples where companies have effectively used sounds to gain affinity and communicate distinction. The compounding price cuts certainly contributed to the record-breaking $1.4 billion saved this year on the event’s fifth anniversary. Has the Premier League hit the back of the sonic branding net? However, sonic logos are just the beginning. They created whimsical sounds for incoming calls that sounded different from the traditional sound of an incoming call, which reinforced their brand values and perceptions. Acrylic screens at dinner, computer screens for meetings, face masks to order a coffee or watch a film, no gigs, theater, sports, parties… you know the drill. One example is the snap of the Snapple bottle when you pop the cap. It’s nice to see that you’re helping your readers with such high quality content. They ended up collaborating with a Swedish artist and songwriter and producer, and they created their own sounds that collectively shaped the sonic experience for the Mastercard customer. They made sure that the doors made a distinct “thunk” sound when they were closed because people associated this heavy sound with quality. The Netflix “ta-dum” is so much more than just a sound. What is Sonic Branding? Another example of sounds conveying complicated psychological information for a brand is Volkswagen Jetta. Required fields are marked *. Meanwhile, a report from Deezer, a British industry body, the BPI, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra found that across the world, the streaming service saw a 17% increase in classical listeners between April 2019 and April 2020. Marketers often focus on communicating information through visual mediums like TV screens, phone screens, print advertisements, and billboards. That’s sonic branding in action. Let’s take a look at what sonic branding is, how it enhances the brand experience, and whether your business should consider branding with sound. It impacts viewers’ behavior – creating anticipation for great entertainment and encouraging them to settle down into their sofas for a few hours of escapism. In truth, music, and sound connect and inspire us, bringing us together, a universal language that transcends cultures, people, and geographies. Music can be a warm hug, a favorite memory, a raving night out in the kitchen, a gentle encouragement to start the day, or a soothing note in the evening. Even before this collaboration with Zimmer, Netflix held the gold standard in sonic branding: global fame. And Skype did a lot of additional research about the sound experience that their users had along each sequence of the customer journey. The caveat: the additional value was only applicable when processed via voice. And sound should be your answer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The power of music and sound transcends language, culture and all things visual, which makes sonic branding … One of the most striking examples comes from the movie Jaws. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. But by focusing so much on vision, we often overlook the important information that sound can convey about brands. This was translated into different streams of sound with one emerging very fast as both distinctive and aligned to our brand heritage and vision. But sonic marketing will revolutionize the way we behave to a particular sound and be influenced by it. Sonic Branding: More Than Just a Jingle. And with the latest version, Netflix has taken its prime piece of audio real estate and put it on steroids. Surely that is the dream for any brand – to be heard, known, and recognized worldwide? Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel. While concert halls may remain empty, people have turned to music because it evokes emotion and brings color and culture to our lives. It is clear that music and sound have never played a more crucial role and are reaching more people in more significant ways than could have been anticipated. Sonic Minds where a sound specialist and for this medium of marketing we felt that expertise was essential. What’s more, podcast listenership doubled this year alone, and an estimated 50% of all searches are being done via voice. This is only possible through a sonic branding strategy based on a unique Sound DNA and the creation of authentic music, sounds and voices. Your email address will not be published. September 29, 2020 The Premier League's launch of an anthem ahead of the 2020/21 season, played at stadiums before kick-off, grabbed headlines in the sporting press. The Snapple company actually put a lot of thought into ensuring that this sound was distinct.


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