Note: Sound quality is strongly affected by microphone location and room acoustics. Turn down any loudspeakers or mute the microphone at the mixing console before changing the polar pattern. Premium microphone with three polar pattern options (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional). Provides a 6 dB-per-octave rolloff filter at 115 Hz. General Description The Shure ® KSM141 is a premium, end-address, condenser microphone with a unique rotating collar that allows for easy switching between a highly consistent cardioid or true omnidirectional polar pattern. Most modern microphone preamplifiers meet this requirement. Provides the most natural sound in most applications. Trademark Notices: The circular S logo, the stylized Shure logo, and the word, “Shure” are registered trademarks of Shure Incorporated in the United States. Use the 45 degree reference marks at the top of the knob to set the desired angle. THD of microphone preamplifier when applied input signal level is equivalent to cartridge output at specified SPL, S/N ratio is the difference between 94 dB SPL and equivalent SPL of self noise, A-weighted. Higher impedance results in better performance for these specifications. Helps eliminate floor rumble and low-frequency room noise from heating and air conditioning systems. Download PDF Picks up sounds from all directions. Flat response. A mechanical polar pattern switch toggles between a highly consistent cardioid and true omnidirectional polar patterns, making this mic perfect for a myriad of applications. Note: Operating the microphone in a non-detent position (no polar pattern selected) will produce an unpredictable polar pattern and may adversely affect frequency response. Class A, discrete, transformerless preamplifier for transparency, extremely fast transient response, no crossover distortion, and minimal harmonic and inter-modulation distortion. Both the acoustic environment and microphone placement strongly affect the sound obtained from miking a source. Adjust the microphone angle using the knurled knob. The omnidirectional polar pattern exhibits no proximity effect. DuPont de Nemours and Company in the United States. Premium electronic components, including gold-plated internal and external connectors. State of California regulation. Its low self-noise and extended frequency response make it ideal for recording musical instruments. When this pattern is selected, the microphone picks up sounds directly in front of the microphone and is least sensitive to those in back. All specifications measured with a 48 Vdc phantom power supply. “Mylar” is a registered trademark of E.I. The Shure KSM141 is jam-packed with the pro-level features you’d expect from a microphone of this caliber. We're sorry, but this item is unavailable. Provides an 18 dB-per-octave cutoff at 80 Hz. This setting may also be used to compensate for proximity effect or to reduce low frequencies that make an instrument sound dull or muddy. The KSM141 is a dual-pattern end-addressed condenser microphone with a rotating collar, allowing easy switching between a consistent cardioid or true omnidirectional polar pattern for smooth and extremely focused sound reproduction. In addition to the standard accessories, the stereo pair includes a stereo stand adapter (A27M) for mounting two microphones on one stand. Use the low-frequency filter to reduce wind noise, room noise, or proximity effect. Flat, –6 dB/octave below 115 Hz, or –18 dB/octave below 80 Hz, Three-pin professional audio (XLR), male, balanced, Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3, 11–52 V DC [4]phantom power (IEC-61938) 4.7 mA, maximum, [2]THD of microphone preamplifier when applied input signal level is equivalent to cartridge output at specified SPL, [3]S/N ratio is the difference between 94 dB SPL and equivalent SPL of self noise, A-weighted.


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