You are making my job so much easier! Help support your child if they are sent home to isolate due to safety measures with this fantastic resource pack specially designed for children with a range of Special Educational Needs. four options to choose from, each of which cost £29: If you wish, you can also add Geography, and there are two options, each of which cost £29: The History and Geography components have a colourful study book with an activity book in which to record answers. Hello parents and carers! © 2015 Breezy Special Ed. Trending resources. which Year level is right for your child, click on the images below to see examples of early work in focus on improving skills and understanding concepts. Bursting with many engaging and exciting resources, this useful pack will support primary pupils with a range of SEN activities to stay on track with their learning, despite school closures. Your child can concentrate on one Hello,I have downloaded some of your amazing social stories about covid-19. Downloads Home Learning Pack: Plants Supporting parents and carers during the Covid-19 lockdown. We create specialist inclusive symbols and learning packs for children with autism and sensory needs. Contact us | You just type and the symbols appear! The council’s early years team has pulled together a weekly home learning pack for the parents of under 5s. Structured Home Learning SEN Curriculum Pack [SEN-CP] - Your SEN Curriculum Pack is tailored to your child's specific needs through the choice of the National Curriculum Year equivalent in each … Interactive self-checking PDFs with a Google Quiz might be the answer! How do SHL Home Education packs help with SEN in particular? We have so many great ideas and discussion going on in our BSE Insiders group on facebook. Welcome! Select a pack to match the material being taught in class. Sitemap | The Autumn Term Home Learning Packs include: GPS and reading Home Learning Resources for two weeks; Guidance and Answers You can find more fun activities and games to support children’s learning from home on our online kid’s website Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. free during school closures: Storyline Online (always free): Books read out loud by authors / famous people: Accessibyte makes fun, funky, fully accessible apps for users who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, dyslexic, or have other reading difficulties: Are your students feeling anxious about COVID-19 and school closing / the possibility of school closing? You can also … pace, without the distractions of an over-stimulating classroom/classmates could help your child Many companies are making their subscriptions free during this time. Virtual Nerd is a great resource for middle/high school math. SEN Home Learning Pack. By introducing these worksheets into your lessons, you can ensure that the special needs of students are catered for, and that your lessons are inclusive. If your child has difficulty filtering information and needs simple, clear easy-to- read worksheets, then you should choose one of our SEN Curriculum Packs. Puzzles, games and challenges, online or printable, which can all be done at home. hsc change routine 2020. This is the 1st early years Home Learning Resource and Homework Pack perfect for teaching children age 3-5 who are at home due to school closures & COVID-19!Also great as homework activity packs to aid recovery learning. Cone spinner . You can access the packs in the drop-down option further down the page. Home Activities Pack - Learning at Home : View/Download: Hot Potato: Who can hold onto the hot potato the longest. Make a BINGO board with suggested activities for parents and students to complete together. SEN Learning + Resources are tools/suggestions to transfer knowledge & complement your existing programmes. ChatterPack is a voluntary-run, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) hub. You know the areas that your child finds most difficult. If you need more than two weeks, you can also grab these packets at 50% off, on sale through the rest of this school year. What else are you doing to prepare your students? Hope that helps. Distance / Home Learning Packets and Strategies for Special Education So it appears that COVID-19 is here for a while and many schools are canceling and they are asking for students to participate in eLearning or distance learning activities.


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