Ukulele Banjos & Mandolin; Ukuleles; Banjos; Mandolins; Other; Amplifiers. Construction wise, this one is extremely sound and the solid spruce top (made of two bookmatched pieces) is flawless and finished in a pleasing satin coat. Luna Bari-Bass Ukulele w/ Preamp, Quilt Top. Designed and Handmade in Richmond, Virginia, USA $249.99 Kala 1MHG-T* TENOR , DOGHAIR w/ Case ... Seagull Ukulele Steel SG Burst EQ . The baritone ukulele is the largest in this family, with a length of 76cm. It is larger than a tenor ukulele so would be ideal for players that require a larger fretboard. Lanikai Spruce Solid Top Baritone Ukulele w/gig bag Add to cart. Seagull is a Canadian company that produces handmade acoustic guitars. Available for order. £219.00. Steel String Solid Body Ukuleles Made in Richmond, VA. Large baritone bass body for full projection. Baritone Guitar Strings; Guitar Strings - 3 Packs; Guitar Strings - 10 Packs; Guitar Strings - Bulk Shop Packs (25 Sets) Banjo Strings; Violin Strings; Mandolin Strings; Ukulele Strings; Other Strings; Ukulele Banjos & Mandolin. The type of wood will determine the look and sound of the instrument and is a large determiner in price. The Isuzi EAK-BEQ Asian Koa Electro-Acoustic Baritone Ukulele is a great choice for beginners. Premium Quality for the Discerning Player. It has an electro-acoustic pre-amp and tuner so you can plug into an amplifier with tuned in GCEA. The largest ukulele size is the baritone, which is tuned to D. Ukuleles are either made of solid wood or plywood covered with a wood laminate. Lanikai Spruce Solid Top Baritone Ukulele w/gig bag . This is the loudest and deepest ukulele – as the name suggests – and it was developed in the 1940s. If you are interested in mastering this daddy of the ukulele clan, you’re in the right place to pick one up. Amplifiers; Guitar Amplifiers. Whatever the heritage, this is a standard baritone scale ukulele (scale length is about 19.5 inches) made with a solid spruce top applied to a polycarbonate round or bowl back body. Baritone Ukulele with Cutaway Body, Spruce Top, Ebony Back and Sides, Ebony Fingerboard, and Fishman Kula Electronics - Natural $ 389 .99 Or $65 /month § for 6 months £209.00. Solid Cedar Top with Splated Maple Back and Sides. The Seagull instruments include acoustic guitars, m4, mandolin & ukulele. Luna High Tide Baritone Electro Acoustic Ukulele, Zebrawood. Cordoba 24B Baritone Ukulele, Satin Natural. 20+ in stock.


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