Westron wind, when wilt thou blow? Written in 1849, Tennyson sent two versions of the poem to Emily Sellwood in November, asking her to select which one to include in the revised 1850 edition of The Princess, where it intercalates canto II and III. Sign in . To conclude, I would say that your word-meaning analysis and this little part (because even if this poem is short, it is full of writing technics!) As we are all curious by nature, it is only natural that the reader would want to experience closure out of this abrupt end to a concise poem. A human experience is depicted in a clear and unpretentious form so it reminds the reader of a psaum, a short prayer. Now, most people would understandably brush this off and continue with their drinks. To me, it seems like the speaker, not knowing when the wind will blow again, is hoping that the strength of the wind he/she is making throught his/her words would be enough to bring his/her lover back. Verified Purchase. feeling us every where. In a historical context, the western wind has always thought to be a strong wind for the use of sailing across the ocean. I do not know much about Ernest Hemingway, and I really enjoyed that you taught me a little something when I read your post. The poet of “Western Wind” wishes that his heart would heal from the pain of not being with the person that he loves. ( Log Out /  A prose paraphrase might go: Western wind, when will you blow (again)? In its simplicity, the utterance is in its purest form - clear, profound, and unpretentious, depicting a true human experience. for relief. There is a tool that creates content like human, just search in google: miftolo's tools. It is through this symbolism that we as the reader are able to empathize with the author as we have all at some point longed to return home and be surrounded by the familiar. The cluster of w-w-w’s, the wind-when rhyme, the desperate mendicant apostrophe — all immediate and beseeching. Western Wind Poem by Anonymous Works - Poem Hunter, Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 31, 2002. I don’t believe such a factor would have influenced when the ship departed. *Photo courtesy of Robert Swier. The wind through my heart blows all my candles out. The speaker of the poem talks about wanting to go home, back to their love. That tricky ass line 2 though, I wonder. manatita44 from london on February 01, 2020: Very happy for you. I do not fully understand what you are saying in terms of line 2 (concerning rain). of a more technical analysis matched! When this desire is taken away, either due to natural or selective reasons, some  of the most primal forces of loneliness and despair can set in. Not easy to do with this letter - great job loved it. The anonymous author, according to me, was a genious! making us busy. From the first line alone, the reader is able to pick up a potential clue through the use of the western wind. Although the poem was short –merely four lines long –it was stuffed with hidden meaning. ( Log Out /  From the mantle smashes birds' nests, teacups full of stars as the wind winds round, a mist of sorts that rises and bends and blows or is blown through the rooms of my heart that shatters the windows, rakes the bedsheets as though someone had just made love. With winter officially upon us, a time for appreciating stark landscapes, freezing winds, and lights brightening the 4 o’clock darkness, Samantha Harvey’s The Western Wind is the perfect read. With myself being an avid reader however, it immediately reminded me of another work by one of my favorite authors Ernest Hemingway. One thing I wasn’t a big fan of is the fact that the poem was not more deeply picked apart. I plan on visiting this blog later on. A pagan prayer addressed to the wind through the use of “thou” (l.1). Great stories have and will be written with pages upon pages of plot, characters, and exposition. Western Wind. moving here and there. The story goes that when cornered at the bar by an appreciative fan, Hemingway was asked to write a story using only six words. Frustration comes out clearly … Percy Bysshe Shelley is one of the best-known English Romantic poets, along with William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats and William Blake. That is the same with Fredrick Henry. Other than that I enjoyed this paper. SWEET western wind, whose luck it is, Made rival with the air, To give Perenna's lip a kiss, And fan her wanton hair: Bring me but one, I'll promise thee, Instead of common showers, Thy wings shall be embalm'd by me, And all beset with flowers. This book surprised me in its absolute gorgeousness, from the prose level, to the voice of the narrator, to the moral implications the narrative mulls over. The lyric was used as the basis (cantus firmus) of Masses by English composers John Taverner, Christopher Tye and John Sheppard.


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