They solid iron legs on the stand keep it upright at all times; it has never tipped on me. However, there will always be outliers in anything in the world. Should I use a stand-mounted vocal microphone? Thanks so much for the insightful comment! Regarding the 56A itself — AMAZING!!! When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Best Recording Microphone: Quick Comparison Table Best Studio Microphone For Vocals: Dynamic vs. Condenser Mics, Cardioid Patterns, Diaphragm Size etc. If you have to spend as little as possible, using a stand with an SM58 is going to be the most cost effective way. The mic is a Beta 58A, the drummer is not a hard hitter, and has good dynamics. With a headset microphone, this is no longer possible and dynamic singing is nearly impossible. The pristine sound of this microphone outclasses all of its competitors. I’ve also recorded vocals with it, while playing my acoustic drums, in a non-muffled room. The Crown CM311 Microphone is a very popular high-end mic for drummers and musicians seeking pristine sound quality for hands-free performance. Anything that might be useful- Technique, Harware, etc. The impressive AKG C 520 is the best headset microphone for drummers on the market. You really can’t go wrong with an SM58 – it’s a fantastic all purpose microphone. If you want to free up the playing space in front of you, a good way to do that is to use a goose neck microphone attachment. There may be affiliate links on this page and on others. One quick thing, this type of microphone … The above table gives a quick rundown of the best vocal mics for drummers available on the market. Read on to find the best vocal mic for drummers. a regular mic on a boom positioned where you can get your mouth in front of the mic or 2.) Many of the microphones we show on this list offer what is called feedback suppression. Adding a vocal microphone to your drum setup can really enhance your live performance with your band. This drummer vocal mic really offers an amazing sound and at a great price. The Samson R21 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is one of the best vocal microphones available today. The above table gives a quick rundown of the best vocal mics for drummers available on the market. Whilst this drummer vocal mic is a cheaper option, it boasts professional quality features throughout. Even better, the supercardioid pickup pattern does exactly what Shure claims, and it only picks up what is directly in front of the grille. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a dedicated sound engineer. We have highlighted our two favorite vocal mics in blue and green. You’re bound to find one in nearly every live venue and recording studio in the world. If you opt for the more expensive solution, you’ll be much more free while playing your drums. Use the goose neck attachment to bend the microphone down to in front of your face. Unlike the previous drummer vocal mics, this is not a headset mic and it needs to be mounted on a microphone stand. Many people who have tried headset vocal microphones do not like them. If you in ear monitors, you’re going to hear a lot of bleed from your kit on this channel and you’re going to have to leave the monitor level of your vocals down significantly. You won’t have the advantage of freedom of movement whilst you play, but if you can deal with that then you should seriously consider the Beta 56A as one of the top vocal microphones for drummers. It is one of the go-to microphones … It offers a great frequency response and the build quality of the unit is solid for the money. It will reduce stage volume to front of house and reduce the chance of feedback. In this scenario, the microphone stand will actually sit behind you and the microphone will come up and over your head. (Read 6550 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. There are a lot of things to like about this microphone. All of my problems were solved with a Shure Beta 56A. 5 Best U87 Clones That Are Affordable (Nov 2020), How To Record Electronic Drums (Beginner’s Guide), The Ultimate Kick Drum EQ Beginner’s Guide (With Steps), Audio-Technica PRO 8HEx Headset Vocal Microphone, Crown CM311 AESH Headset Vocal Microphone, Designed for use with Shure wireless systems. It’s the best headset mic for drummers to buy on a budget and it’s an ideal choice for all types of concerts. It’s a head-worn mic that fits comfortably and offers a fantastic dynamic range, plus an ultra-clean sound reproduction. It can handle relatively high sound pressure level (SPLs) of up to 130dB and the cardioid polar pattern offers good sound isolation. The Shure Beta 56A is a solid choice for drummers looking for the most isolation in their monitor mix. Even in this setup, singing while playing can be a little cumbersome. If you play hard and really make your drums sing, having a vocal microphone is going to be difficult.


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