All hail the queen Learn more here. Elenda answered that immortality was not the purpose of her gift, but protection. A long religious war ensued. Buy Magic Card proxies. The Legion's constant drive for conquest ensures that they always have enemy blood to drink. Their holdings, collectively called Miraldanor after their queen, were protected by a string of forts which are now deserted. The monastery fell under attack by the forces by rival king Pedron the Wicked who stole the Immortal Sun but in turn lost it to an unidentified winged being. When they were conquered as well, they took to the sea and formed the Brazen Coalition. The vampires of Ixala… Their expeditions of discovery are led by vampire conquistadors and priests, with human soldiers filling the rank and file and other humans serving support roles as sailors and menial labor. HIgh Quality Black Core MTG Proxy Cards. The Legion of Dusk is an alliance between the powerful Church of Dusk and the iron-fisted monarch Queen Miralda. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. [4] Kingdom after kingdom fell to the unified Church and Crown. PROXY QUEEN. [4] The two younger brothers, the Apostasine Princes, marshaled their armies against their older sister. Queen Marchesa’s (long may she reign) ability will also check to see if an opponent is the monarch as it tries to resolve. [1] It is led by aristocratic vampires, but also has human members. ———{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line}{line} "The empire is the … Before the Immortal Sun was brought to the continent of Ixalan, it was originally put into the care of the people who would become the Legion of Dusk. At the behest of the Queen Miralda, their instructions were to track down the first and greatest of their kind, Saint Elenda, who would help the pilgrims fulfill their righteous purpose. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 unless otherwise noted. Nobles of the Legion have been turned into vampires, in the Rite of Redemption. The Legion of Dusk is a nation from the continent of Torrezon, which is located on the plane of Ixalan. [4] For generations, the Immortal Sun remained under the protection of its holy custodians in a mountaintop monastery. Updated Apr 02, 2017 by MagicalMuddie using our MTG Deck Builder. It raged on for three centuries, before the first vampire, Elenda of Garrano, ended it. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a domain. Here, they were confronted by the Sun Empire and the River Heralds. See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 12:15. The Legion of Dusk again sought the Immortal Sun, which was brought across the sea to the continent of Ixalan. After the unification, many of Torrezon's nobles undertook Elenda's transformative ritual,[5] and it became known as the Rite of Redemption by the church.[4]. Decks which contain misleading upvote … Support Beeswax's creations Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. [6] An apocryphal story says that Vona never returned to Torrezon but tried to claim Orazca for her own. Highest quality mtg proxy cards. [1], Conqueror’s Galleon / Conqueror’s Foothold, with a gift of Premium Membership! The Legion of Dusk culture is loosely based on the Spanish Conquistadors. Eight hundred years ago, the mountainous nation called Torrezon (it later gave its name to the whole continent) split into three parts when its monarch died, with each portion ruled by one of the monarch's children. Though the Immortal Sun became an object of religious reverence, its presence gave the local monarch a disproportionate amount of influence in regional matters. When this is over, they enter a state known as the rapture, in which they revert to an animalistic trance and attack anything in sight.[2].


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