Many different questions can be part of a program evaluation; depending on how long the program has been in existence, who is asking the question, and why the evaluation information is needed. To build off of qualitative interviews and focus groups, we need to think about what sort of questions we ask in program evaluation. Is the cost of the services or activities reasonable in relation to the benefits? Policy level – how does, or could, the evaluation impact relevant policy? In practice, a single program evaluation may address multiple research questions and multiple evaluation types may be … Programs that are already running should have a theory of change, or how they think their intervention will lead to the stated outcome, objective, goal, or impact they hope to see. Summative Evaluation: Evidence that is collected upon completion of the program in How does the target population interact with the program? Methodologically, evaluation questions focus on varied assessment types. She is also a Doctoral Candidate in Adult Education and Comparative International Education at Pennsylvania State University and a Visiting Researcher with RET, an international organization providing secondary and post-secondary education to displaced peoples worldwide. Evaluation of Colorado Second Chance Housing and Reintegration Program (C-SCHARP) The C-SCHARP program is a comprehensive approach to prisoner reentry that increases the chances of recovery for identified people on parole with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders by providing evidence-based practices both inside and outside of prison. In such a case, a social studies course evaluation survey template can help the institution to evaluate its current program. For example, an academic institution wants to understand the student’s satisfaction level with the current course they are running for social studies. Describe the program: Elucidate and explore the program's theory of cause and effect, outline and agree upon program objectives, and create focused and measurable evaluation questions; Focus the evaluation design: Considering your questions and available resources (money, staffing, time, data options) decide on a design for your evaluation. – One of the most important points to be evaluated is the effectiveness of the program. How is the project functioning from administrative, organizational, and/or personnel perspectives? Administrative processes – It is important for institutions to get feedback on the administrative processes involved in the program. Are they satisfied? These criteria help institutions to create a learning environment for all students. Evaluation questions help further focus your evaluation and should reflect the purpose of the evaluation as well as the priorities and needs of the stakeholders. Did each student prepare an eval uation plan with questions, standards, study … One way to do this is for the evaluator and program people to develop a very good description of: what the outcomes should be, how the program will get there, and why the program leads to the outcome. Once you have drafted a set of potential evaluation questions, apply the criteria below to each question. Program theory assessment, or identifying how the program intends to address the problem. Sample questions are: Through asking questions, M&E practitioners can identify what their project specifically should address. Create and launch smart mobile surveys! Real time, automated and robust enterprise survey software & tool to create surveys. These questions identify and support the problem that the intervention hopes to address. Programs are expected to conduct self-evaluation and monitoring on a regular basis, in between the more formal program evaluations. It can make strategic changes to the existing programs based on the participant feedback. Evaluation questions define what will be addressed in a program evaluation. According to Rossi, Freeman, and Lipsey (1999), evaluation questions must be: Once we have developed the larger question of the project, M&E practitioners begin to consider what data they need to answer the question, using a Theory of Change and a LogFrame. In general, evaluation questions for an existing program fall into one of the following groups: Questions related to registrations, fees payments processes, etc. Retrieved from Stufflebeam, D. L., Madaus, G. F., & Kellaghan, T. (2002). Program level (regional, large scale, “Big P”) – how does, or could, the evaluation effect program changes? Create online polls, distribute them using email and multiple other options and start analyzing poll results. Were learners satisfied with the program and feel it … Examples of Evaluation Questions Activities (PROCESS) Think about which activities contribute towards the program’s outcomes. It is crucial to understand the objective of creating an online survey, the research design to be used, the amount of qualitative and quantitative data you want to collect, and what demographic questions to be included. Through what mechanisms or arrangements? How will the program work with the target population to sustain the project/ program? Robust, automated and easy to use customer survey software & tool to create surveys, real-time data collection and robust analytics for valuable customer insights. Some sample questions are: 3. Please state three things that benefitted you the most from the program? Was the objective of the program explained clearly before registration? Hence, questions related to facilitators and participants should be covered in program satisfaction questionnaires. (2012). If not, why not? These criteria help institutions to create a learning environment for all students. Do you think the duration of the program was good enough as per your expectation? and course material used or provided are essential things to understand to evaluate the program. When running a program satisfaction survey, the organization or the institution should cover questions that will help gauge the satisfaction level of the participants regarding the following points: The classroom environment and course material – Questions related to the overall classroom environment, which may revolve around hygiene, location, etc.


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