...seems that nobody had a definite solution..so after all this Pro Tools is the industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) developed by AVID. Pro Tools Video Tutorials. Ok Guys, so what is the best method for parallel compression for Drums in Pro Tools HD? About Lynn Fuston. Parallel compression is a very popular mixing technique that controls dynamics whilst retaining transient energy that is usually squashed through traditional compression methods. Today we will look at using the Bomb Factory 'BF76', which comes standard with Pro Tools to get some great compressed drum … Pro Tools channel strips and presets; multi-bus compression (largely inspired by renowned mixer Michael Brauer) signal routing; effects processing; parallel drum compression; stereo mix bus treatment; As always, I would love to hear any feedback you have to offer after watching so I … Pro Tools comes with several compression plug-ins that can be applied to individual tracks or entire songs. Pro Tools' compression plug-ins come with specific pre-sets for each instrument and vocal track. If you want to be successful in music you need to know Pro Tools. In this free extract from the Mixing with Pro Tools plug-ins tutorial with Fab Dupont, Fab demonstrates how to set up a drum “crush” bus. Features Four advanced compression detectors, plus a unique SMART mode This popular technique involves using heavy compression in parallel with a dry, uncompressed version to add density and excitement to the drum sound. At this point apply compression to your drum tracks to keep the peaks down and to prevent drum sounds from totally disappearing after mixing to a particularly loud section. It works with both PC and MAC. The following Pro Tools tutorials will help you setup, run and use Pro Tools. In this free Pro Tools tutorial Russ demonstrates how to setup parallel compression for drums in Pro Tools. This way, you can isolate your kick drum track and apply a compression setting that's custom made for kick drums. Parallel compression has long been a part of the arsenal of engineers the world over, traditionally used on drums but can be used to great effect on just about any manner of audio signal. Choosing the right EQ, compression, ... which has variable Attack and Release, or the Pro Tools DigiRack comp set for 25:1 ratio, 8.7ms attack, ... 3 – Best Preamps for Snare Drum 4 – Tips: EQ and Compression for Snare 5 – 6 Tricks for Crafting an Awesome Snare Sound. Pro Compressor is included in the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, which is also included with all Pro Tools | Ultimate subscriptions and 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plans.


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