Unlike your ancestors' unpredictable lye soap, you can predict that soaps made today, whether liquid or bar, made with sodium or potassium hydroxide, are designed to be gentle on your skin. If there are other components aside the hydroxides, you should look for the right indicator to titrate only the potassium hydroxide in the new mix. When, aqueous NaOH solution is added, ethanoic acid concentration is reduced and pH value is increased. SODIUM HYDROXIDE AND POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE. The base is very hygroscopic, water absorbing. 7 comments on “ Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) vs. Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) ” Philip Davies on June 25, 2011 at 7:29 pm said: If I make the titration fluid out of the same batch of Koa . Before we can proceed with the titration of the acid, we must first determine very accurately the concentration of the sodium hydroxide solution. Although sodium hydroxide is a solid, preparation of solutions of accurately known concentration is difficult. Substance: Sodium hydroxide, Potassium hydroxide (Sodium hydrate, Potassium hydrate, soda, lye, caustic potash) CAS 1310-73-2, CAS 1310-58-3 . Physical Properties: bp 1390 °C, mp 318 °C bp 1320 °C, mp 360 °C Highly soluble in water Highly soluble in water (109 g/100 mL) Odor (Pages 14-15 from the April 2012 issue of eClean Magazine) Download the pdf: Sodium Hydroxide vs. Potassium Hydroxide By Linda Chambers, Brand & Sales Manager, Soap Warehouse, www.SoapWarehouse.biz For the kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor, almost any cleaner you would want to use on the market today will be based on one or the other of these chemicals, or be a … Best regards, Daniel Montañés - Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, Argentina The new factor should be 1.403 times the old one (the one used for sodium hydroxide). Titration of adding sodium hydroxide to ethanoic acid Aqueous ethanoic acid shows a pH value below than 7 (usually 3-7, but may change due to concentration). (boric acid/potassium chloride/sodium hydroxide), traceable to SRM of NIST and PTB for 500 ml buffer solution, pH 11.00 ± 0.05 (20°C) Titrisol ® Supelco pricing Hope this clarifies something! Additionally, the resulting solution tends Luckily, today you can get both sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide in pure versions with consistent strength from chemical vendors. Formula: NaOH, KOH .


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