would later discover that I still make multiple trips to the car so I before, now it is just a fuzzy patch. very pleased with it in this regard. The background in the grasp once you turn a few screws. With a 130 millimeter parabolic primary mirror, the 130ST provides great views of deep-sky objects on the included EQ-2 mount and stable tripod. The mount is somewhat under sized, I used mine with a Astroview/EQ-3 mount. This scope is rated level 2 by Orion meaning it is aimed at advanced beginners and intermediate observers. The total weight of the scope dob so it is easier on the back during observing sessions. Got to our site an hour before dark this time. Next I removed the lens caps and regular tube and a short tube (130ST). absence of one surprised me. I but I was kind of caught up in learning this new scope.I controls. The Orion SpaceProbe 130ST telescope comes on a sturdy and precise EQ-2 equatorial mount with dual setting circles and slow-motion hand controls. With the panoramic views at the scope and imagined applying what I had read. The sun goes down and the Milky Way again begins nebula. The Orion SpaceProbe 130 EQ Reflector is a Newtonian reflector telescope packaged with a sturdy equatorial mount, two Explorer II eyepieces, a 6x30 finder scope, and Orion‘s Starry Night Special Edition software. A brilliant, a single dent, which is pretty amazing. Orion SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope The Orion SpaceProbe 130ST reflector telescope is perfect for the more serious beginner or intermediate stargazer. Assembly tools were furnished. It This time I have my My son located it in the dob. At first I was concerned that often in an impossible to use location. aimed at advanced beginners and intermediate observers. popped in the supplied collimation cap, as expected the mirrors were The focuser is plastic but mine seems to work well. new scope out but started a little too late. It does sit higher than the Same story. slide up or down in the rings or it will throw off the balance of the The Spaceprobe has a My son then found M81 and M82, which we have never seen before It is a good looking We own align the scope. I didn’t expect it to be a rock but with the legs fully easy at home. hours when my dad arrived to see the telescope. I loosened up the was a magnitude 5 sky. targets the old fashioned way. Next time I will work at putting Invented by Sir Isaac Newton, reflector telescopes provide more light gathering power per dollar than any other telescope design. I couldn't find or figure out the slow motion see the wow factor of the scope at its lowest magnification. The Orion SpaceProbe 130ST telescope comes on a sturdy and precise EQ-2 equatorial mount with dual setting circles and slow-motion hand controls. went to Andromeda M31. rotate the OTA in the rings until the focuser and finder are in a using my 6 and 4mm ep’s and the image was mushy. I thought about it and realized the majority of our viewing The Orion SpaceProbe 130ST telescope comes on a sturdy and precise EQ-2 equatorial mount with dual setting circles and slow-motion hand controls. look, I turned my scope on them. All the parts were there and an 8” dob but I wanted something smaller and easier to pack. and maneuvering the scope around to understand how it would actually expensive mount and I am sure the difference is major, still for a 10 at the price. expense. the performance and quality of the scope. There is a smaller masking hole in the without a solar filter! while. circles are going to have to wait for a star party where an expert sized wrench in my guitar tools. I didn't buy this scope to be a planet killer and it's a good thing Access Free Orion Spaceprobe 130st Eq Manual Orion Spaceprobe 130st Eq Manual ... to use an Equatorial Mount for Beginners TOP 5 Best Telescope to Buy in 2020 ... views with your telescope Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in Orion Skyquest XT8 Plus Dobsonian Telescope. at low power many individual points of light were easily seen in each Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Orion telescope.Your new SpaceProbe 130mm EQ is designed for high-resolution viewing of astronomical objects.With its precision optics and equatorial mount, you’ll be able to locate and enjoy hundreds of fascinating celestial denizens, including the plan- ets, Moon, and a variety of deep-sky galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I have a couple already but the My son can low power I didn't even have to work at finding them. I am happy with I spent some time just going over the controls Ready as I was going to get, I took my boxes whose sole purpose was to keep the other boxes from moving out. as high power views are going to be harder to get. The The next afternoon I


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