Moving down the body, we come to the locking collar. If you’re not looking for a knife with tactical features, Opinel makes the most attractive bargain blades in the business. It’s such an attractive little knife that one can’t help but enjoy its company. £ 13,56 £ 16,95. With its 8.5 cm blade, the No. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestwoodcarvingtools_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',115,'0','0'])); Let’s see how these highlights give the Opinel No. We are going to break down the particulars of the knife, its advantages, flaws, and discuss its overall value. Change ). Because of its classic design and warm materials, it can serve its purpose in places where other knives would cause discomfort or unwanted attention. Overall, it’s an effective way to keep the cutting edge in place. Through nights on the town and hikes in the wilderness, it’s displayed a trait so seldom seen that it’s often forgotten – friendliness. This comes largely due to the non-tactical nature of the Opinel. Required fields are marked *. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A simple, yet sleek French folding knife, the Opinel No 6 review is a great tool for overall use. Known in Opinel literature as the “Virobloc”, this shiny metal ring bears the stamps “N 06” and “Made in France” on its rotating surface. Those that do so obviously prize cost above utility, a state which we find hard to justify. Available in a wide range of sizes (Such as the popular Opinel No. 6 is a nice tool to add to a collection. Small enough to be used in pocket tool applications, yet large enough to take on slightly more intense tasks, this tool has a wide range of uses. My No. The classic shape and long cutting belly should provide a knife that’s just as capable as it is gorgeous. 6 is an affordable folder with a 2.7” carbon steel blade placed firmly in a classic wooden handle. In the case of the Opinel No. 08 pocket knife, carbon steel, blade length 8,5 cm. Children will discover the joys of cooking with the Opinel Le Petit Chef box, a special box for little gourmets and apprentice chefs alike. 6 review(s) Knivesandtools Knife Pouch Black, by Maxpedition Luxurious knife pouch to safely store a pocket knife. Opinel knives are high quality. ( Log Out /  The Opinel blade is a full convex with a tiny microbevel. Your email address will not be published. Joseph Opinel first designed and patented the knife in 1890. Alright, we know it’s a looker. For us, that’s a huge plus in the Form department. RaZorBurn123, May 8, 2014 #15. It can also be used to open just about anything, but users should not employ in heavy duty uses, such as batoning wood. One last thing on function. First impressions mean a lot, and the Opinel No. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Combi deal. Combi deal. 6 is a bargain purchase. Stainless is not my first choice, but it's a decent stainless and does get very sharp. Frankly, we don’t see the point when regular use will serve the same function. And before you ask, the answer is “Yes” – This knife will absolutely rust if you don’t take care of it. In stock. It shaved off several lengths of paper without the slightest hesitation, giving us a healthy respect for its keen edge. ( Log Out /  On evenings and weekends, it will ride in a belt sheath or in the pocket of a pair of khakis. While this is largely a question of form, it also speaks to the knife’s function. Out of the box, it may be the most beautiful knife we’ve ever encountered. The Opinel children's knife comprises a blade with a rounded end, offeringing greater safety for the young. 6? 8 is made in France. This comes largely due to the non-tactical nature of the Opinel. The carbon steel blade is slim and offers a sharp grind when closed, allowing the user to spark ferrocerium rods. But how does it perform as a tool? We also believe this portion of the knife to be carbon steel, so be sure to hit it with an occasional oiling. July 18, 2016 By Woodcarver Leave a Comment. 4, 6, and 10 are consistent sellers. 11 Opinel was discontinued in 1935, its size being considered too similar to Opinels Nos. As such, we haven’t had occasion to run it through the sharpener. Let’s talk size for a moment. And while equally at home in both locations, one of our favorite qualities of this knife is its nonthreatening appearance. I have a #8 Carbone, I carry it in a Mini-MagLite pouch holster (the MagLite got tossed because the batteries corroded and wouldn’t come out. As mentioned, these knives are known for their tendency to acquire a unique patina. is it really as great as several have claimed? Its unassuming design makes it easier to use around others without raising too many eyebrows. In fact, it is even used for dining by some people. 0 comments. While users may disagree on its portability and safety, the No. ( Log Out /  There are folks who try to speed up the process with lemon juice, mustard, or other substances. Most of the Opinel No. Posted by 6 days ago. No one is going to look down on your Opinel as a knock off. Closed, the knife measures just 3 5/8”. Nevertheless, the knife still has plenty of functionality and several applications for usage. We wouldn’t trust it to hold up under heavy pressure, but that’s not really what this knife was designed for. 8 has a blade length of 3 3/16”, a handle length of 4 3/8”, and an overall length of 7 5/8”; it weighs just 1.6 … We paid less than $12 for ours, and it’s one of the best deals we’ve come across. Although simple, the Opinel No 6 review shows some admirable features:eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bestwoodcarvingtools_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',113,'0','0'])); The BIGGEST highlights with the No. 6 are its handle, blade, and the Virobloc rotating locking ring. With that being said, someone looking for a multipurpose tool that is beautiful, simple, and classically designed, will not find much better than this knife. Each knife in the main Opinel line is given a number that is the approximate length of the blade in centimeters: the No. It’s not designed to serve in a police or military capacity, as demonstrated by its simple lock and beechwood handle. First impressions mean a lot, and the Opinel No. 6 in this size class? 6 makes a good one. It’s a really nice knife, and strictly a two-handed opener. So what is the real value of the No. But for food prep, office work, or other tasks requiring minimal effort and a razor edge, the Opinel No. While we’ve addressed it obliquely, allow us to state the obvious – This is not a heavy duty knife. Ideas For Christmas Wood Burning Patterns, Best Lathe Chisels & Gouges for Woodturning, Features a folding mechanism where the blade is encased in the wooden handle, The spine of the tool offers a sharp grind, In order to keep the blade in place when opened, there is a.


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