Comment Reply Start Topic. Bungie has taken the best hand cannon in the game in Luna’s Howl up a notch with Not Forgotten. Not Forgotten Quest Will the quest for Not Forgotten be removed in Beyond Light? Not Forgotten is … Legionfarm is a massive platform where we invite only the best PRO-players. i ask this coz im at 5050 right now , and i hate playing with luna's at this glory , rather use Ace or a sniper and recluse . I am at max glory rank at the moment (5,500) but I do not have my Luna kills done just wondering if the not forgotten quest is retroactive for the active season. Posting in language: Edit Preview B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. Range is arguably the most important stat in Destiny controlling everything from damage drop off to the cone of accuracy. English. I’m sure it won’t be retroactive if I finish my luna kills and the season changes. Not Forgotten is essentially the same gun as Luna’s Howl but has higher base stats. Not Forgotten Quest. So, this season i decided to make the climb for Legend to get Not Forgotten, i haven't finished my luna's howl kills but i wanted to do those after since the legend part is retroactive. Gone But Not Forgotten is the second quest of an optional story line in Fable III.It becomes available after the Hero completes the Bored to Death quest.. #Rewards #destiny2. Report. Our policies have recently changed. I have now reached a rank of 5466 in Comp. Registered Office: 2 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH They got me 4 tough weapons in 3 days. Can someone please confirm for me if the not forgotten quest is retroactive in shadowkeep/ season of the undying. Post a Poll. Forget-Me-Not is a quest added by the Skyrim mod The Forgotten City. Add more answer options . The quest starts when the play speaks with Jarl Metellus and agrees to help him find who broke the Dwarves' Law. Not Forgotten is the pinnacle of Destiny 2 competitive rewards. The quest will fail every time the player goes back in time, and then restart upon the player starting another time loop. The Not Forgotten Association is a registered charity (number 1150541) and a private company limited by guarantee (company number 8302965) registered in England and Wales.


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