BETHESDA, Md., April 14, 2020 — Teaching Strategies, the widely-used and trusted provider of early childhood curriculum, developmental assessment, and resources, announced today the free, early release of ParentPal™, a new holistic parenting app for families of children ages zero to five. They will document their success in a journal and will develop a new and empowering routine. Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know about caring for your new baby during those exhausting but wonderful early weeks. In the Be Happy in LIFE Parent Coaching Program “Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids”, they learn about the differences between people’s love languages and how to use this knowledge to improve communication. The coach’s task is to help the client look and move forward constantly, and if someone is not ready to move forward, this will only increase their frustration. For some parents, it can even be scary because kids do not come with a manual. Become a parent that knows how to face the digital challenges of today’s world through enhancing your communication and social-emotional skills. Once kids have that intelligence, it becomes part of who they are, accompanies them for the rest of their life, can be easily used as a shield against pain and a guide towards happiness and success. These milestones are commonly used by pediatricians across the U.S, and the ODLs are embedded in Teaching Strategies’ curriculum used in more than 17,000 child care centers across the country. Through a variety of parent coaching services, I will help you dial in your parenting, your career, health, relationships, time management, spirituality, and more. We usually limit the parenting class to 25 participants, which gives us the right balance between sharing and learning. If you would like to read some client testimonials, please click here. This is the place to say that parent coaching is not for everyone. The Be Happy in LIFE Parent Coaching program, “Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids”, is a future oriented program. Each email you receive will be tailored to your needs and progress. In education, we need to focus less on giving and more on teaching our kids to take. After completing their parent coaching, our parents report that their life is much more organised, so parent coaching has gained them time, which they use for enjoyment, for their family and friends, and for learning and developing their skills even further. We live in a society that is motivated by money, social pressure, fashion, status and an endless need to be loved and accepted by those around us. So, the money used to help yourself help your child will be used anyway. This usually has a direct impact on their parenting and results in a sense of control over their life. Nonverbal social cues? Every parent can highly benefit from growing and developing in the right direction since life is a constant process of growth and progress. If time is an issue, you can always take our full day format, which covers all sessions in one day. Parent coaching teaches parents how to discover what is important to them and how to get it. All children behave as well as they are treated. A life coach is someone who helps them take that journey and guides them through learning what they need to keep moving forward , stay on track and achieve success and happiness. At the end of their coaching, parents feel worthy, empowered and unstoppable, which is exactly what they need in order to be fantastic parents. Many parents, overwhelmed by obligations (“musts” and “shoulds”), blame others or their circumstances in order to be able to cope with their less-than-ideal situation. Sadly, continuous failure to change their life make kids give up on success, on friendships, on hobbies and relationships with their siblings and their parents. Our parent coaching program is different from others in that we provide a manual that clients can use years after they complete their program and we teach them the mindset of a life coaches. The rules for parents are but three… love, limit, and let them be. Save time – Parents that are short in time, live far away from Brisbane, Australia, are limited in time due to studying or require a certificate of attendance as part of the court requirement, can get lots of tips and tools in a very short time. Initially, many of parents feel a lack of energy and find it hard to cope with their daily life, not to mention pursue their dreams. Here is a short video clip of Ronit Baras telling an inspiring story. new parent coaching; parent couple counseling; work/life decision coaching; techniques to find balance and reduce stress; connecting parents to community resources; Photo: Sharon McCutcheon. If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice. Mary G, Better Parenting Skills Program, 2005, Brisbane, Australia. Just a quick feedback to you regarding the Parenting Workshop that concluded tonight. This is against our values and against what we believe parent coaching is all about. Parents always do the best they can with what they have and they do not need fixing, they need guidance, confidence and empowerment. The past in this program has no power to determine our future. ... We encourage you to share this new mobile parenting … I know what it’s like to feel burdened by the responsibility of motherhood. Parents do too. This is what we call “external motivation”, because we are guided by (perceived) pressure from others. Over the last 27 years we have collected the 5 most effective sessions that make the most impact on people’s lives. Sometimes when they call with a new problem, we refer them to the manual and ask them to go through an activity from the manual with the new challenge before we schedule them a new session. Teaching Strategies is making the app available for free until the end of June 2020. We structure our program for full integration of what is learned back into everyday life, so that it never fades. Email parent coaching also allows you to work “offline”, whenever you have time and energy, so it is the most flexible scheduling option, although it requires more time.


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