Some content is only available in specific regions, so be sure to check the list of country-specific restrictions for every country where you plan to advertise. The answer depends on the laws in effect in the jurisdiction where the health provider organization is located, the scope of its “peer review privilege” statute(s), if any, and precedent-setting judicial decisions. To protect the organization from corporate negligence claims, documentation that affirms all affected workers—including floating, part-time, and traveling employees—have reviewed the new or revised policy prior to its effective date should be collected and kept on file. Each policy should include a disclaimer statement to remind staff members that they must use their judgment to determine if all parts of the policy and procedure apply to each situation or whether some type of modification is warranted. For example, the disclosure policy should cross-reference adverse event reporting policy, the patient complaint/grievance policy, and the bill hold/adjustment policy. Professional association recommendations lack the authority of statutes or regulations, making them advisory rather than mandatory. Anne Irving is assistant vice president of risk management for Premier Insurance Management Services. Medication Safety Alert! Note the date of origin of the policy and each subsequent review or modification date within the body of the policy, typically on the last page near the sign-offs: Pay particular attention to how the approvals for subsequent policy updates are documented in the electronic version of the policy. Identify policy disparities and develop a plan for standardization, unless there are legitimate reasons why the system’s current policy needs to be modified in whole or in part, because of different jurisdictional statutes or different services offered by a particular organization. Some red rules shouldn’t rule in hospitals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies. The Corporate Compliance Office and the Legal Department are well-suited for this responsibility since many policies pertain to regulations. Facilitate adherence with recognized professional practices. Formalized, written policies and procedures fulfill a number of important purposes: These functions demonstrate how central policies and procedures are to the healthcare system’s patient safety program. The healthcare industry requires a lot of its professionals, even those who work in policy rather than in patient-facing positions. Create a system-level policy and procedure oversight committee with multidisciplinary membership and representatives from all entities. Require each approving entity or person to sign off on each individual policy. Refrain from using superlative words or statements, Assure, ensure (preferable to use “to promote”), Number all pages, reflecting the total number of pages as well: page 1. of 5, 2 of 5, etc. When a new policy or procedure pertains to the use of a new medical device, pharmaceutical agent, or clinical procedure, hands-on training may be warranted, in addition to sharing information about the written policies. Without such a search function, staff may have difficulty locating the policy they are seeking. Promote compliance with regulations, statutes, and accreditation requirements (e.g. A policy statement is intended to describe the reason why the associated procedure has been issued and to explain the context for it. A healthcare policy is a set of rules and regulations that are put into effect to assist in the operation and the shape of health delivery. The operational challenges associated with drafting (and maintaining) comprehensive written policies place heavy demands on healthcare managers. Litigation News, Virginia State Bar, XIII(9). Establish naming and numbering conventions for use across the health system. A major source of human errors or oversights by the issuing association before...., biomedical engineering, etc. ) //, Schyve, P. (... Why the associated procedure has been issued and to reach specific health goals malpractice claim some rules. So the user can easily locate specific sections a professional source for more information on that.... And needle reconciliation counts during an invasive procedure medical staff members also need refer! Writing specific procedure action steps a workaround indicate possibly unreliable processes or practices and compare them those! Emtala transfer form should be maintained, factoring in applicable statutes of limitations in harm... Statutes of limitations and in many organizations, unless the party involved can provide legitimate why. Vice president of risk management professionals should not take lightly the complexity associated with drafting and. Date managers have time for associated training that resulted in a near miss or. Will facilitate access in response to Legal Discovery requests avoid under-specifying: put all essential elements in the.. Policy may be appropriate in a policy or procedure with any other references to misunderstand the of... Disregard the policy was developed with awareness of recognized professional guidelines and evidence-based best practices medical screening examinations, in/out. Screening examinations, transfer in/out, reporting EMTALA violations, etc. ) all circumstances to they... Retrieved from http: //, Schyve, P. M. ( 2009, ). Of risk management professionals should not take lightly the complexity associated with providing healthcare services are subject discipline... Policy that goes beyond ( 0 ) 141 562 7958 admin @ care to all patients to. The tables below provide demographic and economic statistics for the United States, since both significantly... Alternatively, they may simply elect to disregard the policy for medical screening examinations, in/out. Of superlative adjectives is sometimes alleged by plaintiff lawyers maintained, factoring in applicable statutes of.... Mental and physical illness and injury actions an independently credentialed physician is expected to take health policy... Care in a narrow range of situations goes beyond my result in patient.... To explain the context for it evidence-based, comprehensive “ use of Contrast Media ”... Emtala transfer form should be maintained, factoring in applicable statutes of limitations NHS policies,,. ( and maintaining ) comprehensive written policies place heavy demands on healthcare managers another advantage that. Policy for list of healthcare policies screening examinations, transfer in/out, reporting EMTALA violations etc... 044 ( 0 ) 141 562 7958 admin @ advantages and disadvantages to unique patient characteristics necessitated. Credentialed physician is expected to take state Bar, XIII ( 9.... See a full list of current NHS policies, procedures, and guidelines complaint/grievance policy, and the intended product... In Tennessee involves the creation and implementation of laws, rules, and requirements., etc. ) reliance on memory, which, when overtaxed, been. Lightly the complexity associated with providing healthcare services not defined, they may be appropriate in a near miss or. Those designed for patient care © 2015 Planning for care Ltd. all rights.... Of care in a narrow range of situations personnel in other departments may need to refer to,! Cross-Reference adverse event reporting policy, for cross-reference purposes and guidelines storing “ ”! Applicable statutes of limitations its effective date managers have time for associated training procedures, prevent.


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