The Koroneiki olive has a very high level of polyphenols, the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.Our Koroneiki olives represent about 10 percent of the olives we grow on Northern California ranches that extend from Fresno up to Corning. Of all the varieties, Koroneiki olive oil contains the highest levels of antioxidant polyphenol; the higher the content of polyphenol the more resistant the oil is to oxidation, therefore the oil maintains its qualities for longer and has a greater shelf life. Use it for salad dressing 2 TBS Koroneiki Olive Oil 1 TBS freshly squeezed lemon 1 mashed garlic clove Salt and pepper to taste Hand Harvested between November 7th and December 7th, 2019 Add some high-quality balsamic vinegar (like this Compagnia Del Montale... Use Koroneiki olive oil as a salad dressing along with a little squeeze of citrus. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil was a big part of her Mediterranean diet, as her family of six consumed upward of 400 liters per year! Oil from the Koroneiki olive has a complex aroma, often with subtle hints of other herbs and vegetation growing in or near the groves. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki, is highly appreciated in Greece for its high stability and good organoleptic characteristics. Taste: Koroneiki EVOO is sweet with moderate spicy, bitter taste. Add as an elegant finishing oil over a homemade soup. How To Serve Koroneiki Olive Oil Turn it into a dipping oil for crusty bread. The Koroneiki olive, picked while still green, is highly prized for its aromatic, strongly flavored oil, perfect for enjoying in its natural raw state or added at the end of cooking. It’s our smallest olive crop. Very low acidity of 0.17% (during production) and boosts a very high smoke point of 208°C! The aroma is fruity with high intensity of apple, almond, banana and green grass.


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