Review your personal statement and activities list and consider what other personal attribute will best round out the application. It’s no accident that this secondary is so light. Thesis: what was your goal for your time post-graduation? This confirms that you have provided full and accurate information in completing all application materials and in submitting additional information, either orally or in writing. The School of Medicine has a long-standing commitment to increasing the number of physicians from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic populations. If you’re applying straight out of college, you can of course skip this prompt. This does not mean that we encourage students to pursue a smattering of knowledge in a great many subjects. You can also learn more about our 1-on-1 medical school admissions support here. This is a standard prompt you’ll see across many secondary applications. Advancing human health through a fourfold mission of education, research, patient care and public service. At many of the nation's most prestigious medical schools, it is extraordinarily difficult to get accepted. The interview process gives us an excellent opportunity to get to know you better, while it offers you a chance to interview us, ask questions, and meet current students, staff and faculty. BS/MD | BA/MD | BS/DO Admissions Services, Graduate / Law / Business / Dental / Pharmacy School Admissions Services, How to Get Into UCSF Medical School: Requirements and Strategies, please let us know how we can help you crack the the medical school admissions code, Medical Schools in California: How to Get In, please let us know how we can help you crack the medical school admissions code. How will your passion for these activities allow you to contribute to UCSF? We will accept only one set of letters, regardless of the number of programs for which you are applying. Maybe, maybe not (Berkeley has grade inflation in many majors too). Did you want to get hands-on experience in the field? Interview decisions are made on a rolling basis. The date of the application does not determine when a decision will be reached. submit an official copy of their … For applicants who decide to take the MCAT more than once, the committee looks at the most recent scores. For accepted students, the median MCAT score is 518. Rather, we believe that you gain the richest, most satisfying intellectual experience from the in-depth study of a subject that captures your passion. At UCSF, I’ll join the “San Francisco Cares” initiative already underway with the program’s Public Health Club, in which I’ll utilize my background working with underprivileged teens in Boston to provide health education to the city’s homeless youth population. The average interview lasts 40 minutes but varies according to individual interviewers and applicants. There are many alternatives to medical school. Getting into medical school is not easy – and given the responsibilities of a doctor, nor should it be. This blind interview format allows you to get a totally fresh start at this critical stage of the admissions process. In fact, it’s the only program to consistently rank among the nation’s top five for both research and primary care. As a result, over the last 35 years, UCSF has had one of the highest enrollment and graduation rates of underrepresented medical students in the U.S. UCSF’s commitment to diversifying the physician workforce also includes LGBT populations, socio-economically disadvantaged populations, and individuals with disabilities. In addition to shadowing, which was by far the most rewarding experience of my gap year, I also worked as a part-time receptionist at a family practice office in order to pay rent, and in my remaining time I volunteered at Mass Gen in the geriatrics physical therapy ward three evenings a week to help post-surgery elderly patients regain their mobility.


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