The motion filing fee is indicated in the instructions attached to the motion. You may opt to have service of your documents performed by the … Generally, this means that your child lived in Michigan with a parent for at least 6 consecutive months before the case was filed or since the child's birth. A copy of the current court order you wish to change; if applicable. Determine if Michigan is the right state. A $100.00 motion … Use the instructions on page 6. If the other party refuses your request then you may file this motion. Contact the friend of the court office and request form FOC 66. ... FOC 65, Motion Regarding Parenting Time Author: Michigan State … 2. Be careful not to make mistakes. Check the instructions attached to the motion to see if a copy of the court order is required for your motion. BEFORE you file this motion you must contact the other party and tell them what parenting schedule change you are requesting. The motion filing fee in the form of a money order, made out to the "Wayne County Clerk". Fill out the Motion form. Before filling out the “Notice of Hearing” … The charge for filing a motion is $20 in addition to any delivery or service fees with the exception of parenting or custody motions. File … If you are the person receiving this motion, you may file a response. All counties in Michigan are served by one of the state’s 18 Community Dispute ... and other actions you took (including filing an emergency motion with the court) to safeguard the child in a manner that would allow parenting time to occur. INSTRUCTIONS FOR MOTION TO CHANGE PARENTING TIME ORDER 1. Q5. (6th Judicial circuit Local Rule 2.119.) FILING A MOTION AND SERVING A MOTION »» FILING A MOTION 1. The custody case should be filed in Michigan if it's your child's home state. Online Do-It-Yourself Motion to Change Parenting Time at Michigan Legal Help document seq 0.00 Prepare your parenting motion online with free Michigan Legal Help website.


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