The Instant Pot has … you can cook Dal Tadka or Paneer Butter Masala along with the rice. Many rice cookers come with a dry measuring cup. How do I cook basmati rice in a pressure cooker? I used two parts water to one part rice (like I always do for pressure cooking)--using 3 cups water to 1.5 cups brown basmati rice. However, they’re often only equivalent to 3/4 of a standard cup. How to cook Pot-in-Pot Rice in Pressure Cooker? With entree in the main insert and rice in a bowl on a trivet. Pressure Cook at High Pressure for 3 minutes, then Natural Release for 10 minutes. PLEASE DON’T if you have any appreciation of basmati rice. Close the lid, turn Venting Knob to Sealing Position. Most of the aroma would have evaporated by the time the cooker cools down. You can cook a complete meal at once and save precious time. The process can be a lot faster than a typical stovetop pot, because a pressure cooker seals hot steam inside to create pressure and cook food faster. Using a pressure cooker is a great way to make rice quickly and easily. Use a wooden spoon or rice paddle spoon to mix 2 cups (470 ml) brown basmati rice and 3 cups (710 ml) of water into the inner pot of the rice cooker. Pressure Cook Rice: Add 1 cup (230g) rice and 1 cup ( 250ml ) cold water in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. Basmati rice offers you that nutty element that is great for serving as a side, mixing in soups, or pairing with your favorite cuisine. Pressure Cooker | Instant Pot Basmati Rice. eg. I normally add some extra time to go with the extra water, so this time I cooked it for 25 min. To cook pot-in-pot rice, you need a trivet and a pot you can place on the trivet. So many households have an Instant Pot these days.


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