It could be a pond or natural wetlands, a manmade pond, or a simple birdbath. Pink plume (Syncolostemon densiflorus) has gorgeous pink flowers with nectar for the sunbirds. Plant genera that attract Sunbirds include Agapanthus, Erica, Kniphofia, Leonotus, Tecoma, Wachendorfia and Protea species. How to attract birds to a bird bath. Attracting a sunbird to your garden can stir up a lot of excitement. Birds need water, and if you don’t have it, all the food in the world won’t bring them to the garden. Purple-throated sunbirds. The fruits attract frugivorous birds while the flowers attract birds like sunbirds, flowerpeckers, orioles, white-eyes, mynas and bulbuls LINK. PERENNIALS AND CLIMBERS. Who can resist watching that small, agile little bird, with its magnificent colouring and unique call. These are the kind you’d normally use in a chicken coop. Today, let’s see how you can easily build a simple sunbird feeder to attract these colorful sunbirds to your yard. To start off with, sunbirds love the nectar of plants. 3 Plants to Attract Sunbirds. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Note that planting these species will not only attract sunbirds all year long, but also other nectar-loving birds and critters like bees, butterflies and even bats. Cape rattle-pod (Crotalaria capensis) has nectar aplenty in the drooping sprays of large yellow pea-flowers that attract sunbirds and sugarbirds. A few of these are: 1. Agapanthus “Alice Double” and Agapanthus praecox Blue are coming into flower now, but generally speaking, red and orange flowers are more attractive to sunbirds. Birds are using your bird bath not only to clean themselves off but also to cool off, keeping it in the shade keeps the water cooler. A water source. Even an inverted trash can lid with water is enough. The young pods make an excellent curry dish when cooked with dal. Places to take cover. Keep it in the shade. 2. They can to play a big role in whether or not birds find your birdbath attractive. Posted on September 21, 2014 by OGC. Feeding wild birds will attract a number of species. But nectar-rich flowers are prettier and contribute better to biodiversity in a garden. There are several things you can do to help attract birds to your bird bath. Attracting sunbirds to a garden might seem as easy as installing a sugar feeder, with sugar or honey water, and red dye (read further down for a short rant*). The question is, how do we attract them to our gardens? First step is to visit an agri-vet shop and buy a small poultry waterer. Bride’s bush (Pavetta lanceolata) has white flowers that attract insects and its black berries are a treat for frugivores. Horseradish tree or drumstick (Moringa oleifera) is much loved by Indians who plant this smallish and rather straggly tree for their edible leaves, flowers and fruits. 11. But these tiny creatures are quite opportunistic and will feed on any nectar producing tubular flower. How to attract sunbirds. Olive-backed sunbirds.


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