Anchor the plants with string or fishing line or use a drop of super glue gel until the roots are established in a few weeks. To attach the Java fern, you can use either fish line or dark colored thread. Would twist ties or krazy glue work? You can more easily snag Java moss in rough pieces of rock, but … I have one tank that java ferns grow very slowly in, and I normally give them 3-6 months, undisturbed, before I … I just use a regular piece of thread to tie them to regular rocks. I've got a baby java fern that came off of a leaf tip while vacuuming gravel yesterday. Java ferns are normally slow growers, and if there's low light and/or little/no fertilization, it will take even longer for new roots to grow and attach to rock. Most people tend to prefer thread, since it will dissolve over time after the plant has rooted to the object. Java fern is not very light-demanding. 2 comments. share. New plants can also arise from plantlets that form at the older leaves. It can be anchored with cotton thread, super glue or other similar methods of attaching the plants to the desired surface while the roots have time to firmly attached themselves. In the aquarium the Java Fern should be tied with strings to a rock or log until they attach. Home > Plants on Wood/Rock Aquarium Plants on wood/rock can be used to create instant mature look. Rarotongan. Attach your Java Fern to a rock, a piece of driftwood or similar in the aquarium instead of planting it in the substrate. Tying plants to items is dangerous if you have fish that like to cram into small spaces, or look for food in the substrate. Alternatively, you can probably purchase a pre-planted java fern for aquariums. Java fern growing on the rock background around one of the overflow boxes and on the sides of the rock cave. The leaves bubble during the day, and I can see a few new fronds starting to unfurl. May 29, 2013. Java moss is relatively easy to install, grow and maintain and it’s almost impossible to kill it. They can be stunning when attached to driftwood and allowed to grow sporadically into open water columns. I try to attach babies and larger to each rock to ensure a nice full bushy growth! If you'd rather not add a big rock or piece of wood in your tank, attach it to a small rock and push it into the substrate until the rhizome is just above substrate level. Most of these rocks have multiple plants attached. People also attach it to pieces of driftwood and it does grow quite well like this. Java Ferns may also reproduce via runners from the roots or by growing new plants at the tips of mature leaves. The stems are covered in tiny, 2mm long oval-shaped leaves which overlap. The plant reproduces easily in the aquarium, both by rhizome and by producing plantlets on the tips of older leaves. I have this Java fern and this rock, I want to attach the ferns to three of the sides of the rock, but I don’t know how. I have a 2 gallon jar that I want to get heavily planted and was wondering how I could add them, it bare now so I'm open to suggestion (: 0 comments. How much light does Java fern require? Is it still a good choice or should I be looking at attaching it to rocks instead? I have done a little research and it seems that superglue is safe to use in the aquarium. You can do the same for Java Fem or attach them to rocks or driftwood using string (which will naturally break up over time) or a rubber band (which you must remove later on). So it doesn’t require any substrate for planting in the aquarium. Other people prefer to use rubber bands or zip ties, but these are usually noticeable and ugly. answer #2. Lowering the rock in aquarium is risky because it can break the glass. Certain plants such as Java Fern and Anubias grow far better on wood as they prefer to take nutrients directly from the water column and often rot when planted into your substrate. Yeah, a healthy Java Fern has a deeper and darker green then typical aquarium plants. Needle Leaf Java Fern on the other hand is amazing. Java Fern will thrive while floating, or the current may allow it to attach to something that its roots can hold onto.


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