I’m not saying that micro miniature pot bellies don’t make great pets, because they do. It will take a couple of years for your pig to reach their full grown size, but they should be offered ample grass and not malnourished during their growing period. So you will find pigs that are called teacup or micro-mini or extreme micro-mini or ultra micro-mini and all of these terms can really define one size or another. In the past, the trade and shipping of livestock all over the world was very active. Some argue they are even easier to care for than their less hairy relatives. Kunekune are hairy, with a rotund build and may have wattles hanging from their lower jaws. In the summer months, their diet should be a combination of grass and fresh vegetables. We bought two Kunekune castrates from Yonderton Rare Breed Pigs for £90 each. They have longer hair than pot-bellied pigs and the majority of them have tassels, also called pire, that hang off their lower jaw like a wattle. However, as with any pet you should know the commitment involved. Personality: The Kune Kune is a very unique pig. Subscribe to Our Mailing List. However, there is really no such thing as a “miniature breed”. Finding these pigs outside of these places can be a bigger task. Though you can provide commercially produced pig feed, they can obtain all their nutrition from grass if you have an adequate supply. In other terms, “become adopted” by another culture. They have a long wiry coat which can be a range of colours. And it is one the smallest breeds of domesticated pig. In the fall and spring, you can add in apples for more fiber and in the winter most people substitute the pellet mixture for grass. You can find them in farms and zoos in North America, Europe, Asia, and more. However, you should not breed them until they reach at least a year old. 1. can kunekunes go up and down stairs? Many people build them little pens into a corner of their house, and others provide them with a toddler bed or even a tent to sleep in. They eat 1 lb of pig nuts per day (half a pound morning and evening). They are sweet, docile, affectionate, small-size pig. Breeders in a couple of states in the United States are out there, as well as a few other places, so check out kunekune breeder listings to find a breeder near you. It has four toes on each foot, with two larger primary toes and two smaller toes. and 16 to 26 " tall; Miniature pot bellied pigs (certain breeders) — 35 to 60 lbs. If they get too hot, they will roll around in the mud to keep their bodies cool and keep the flies from biting them. They need plenty of grass to eat, and shelter to protect them from the elements. As of the moment, there is no specific information about the true or exact orig… Kunes don’t make as much mess of the ground as big pigs. The American KuneKune Pig Society is an official breed registry of KuneKunes in the United States. Kune Kune means“fat and round” in the Maori language and that is exactly what they are! 40% off! The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. This is usually about to your knee. Since we feed our Kunekunes table scraps they often get fruit. These creatures have a number of unique traits, adaptations, and behaviors. Kunekune are identified by their hairy coat. Where can I keep a kune? You can find them living and grazing in small groups. If you are dealing with one of these breeders, ask for several references of people who have purchased their pigs and then ask those people how much their pigs weigh and how tall they are. It is also said to be the smallest breed of “miniature pigs”. But unlike pot-bellies, they have long hair and are originally from New Zealand. It is not a complete guide on how to keep kunekunes. Higher protein pellets (up to 16 percent) should be offered in very cold weather. Even though the Kune Kune pigs are much larger than micro miniature pot belly pigs, they make a better pet pig in my opinion. If you choose to house your kunekune indoors, provide it with a place or room of its own. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our. Find me. Again, like all pigs, these creatures have social behavior and a high intelligence level. If you don't have enough space to accommodate a 400-pound pig, then you shouldn't get a kunekune. They gave the breed its name, which translates to “fat and round.” The people originally bred this pig using imported domestic pigs brought from Asia. (Of course, this can vary depending on how much you feed them.) I would hazard a guess though that she is probably barren now, if they do not continue to produce regularly they go barren, also at the age of 7 and being 'empty' for several years would it not be unfair to try and get her in pig now? Most adults stand about 2 ft. tall at the shoulder. Younger pigs will eat smaller amounts, but at least some fresh pasture should be available at all times when there is grass. For this reason, breeders in New Zealand have exported the pigs virtually across the globe. and 14.5" tall Provide them with ample room to roam and a place to graze and they will be happy pigs.


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