Works with Alexa and google. Although some may well uncover this needed for this product, i did not working with my orbi router procedure. 360° for still standing camera price. If the user could control the sensitivity, this would be a great feature to add. You also have more options with how long it stays on. This was not to challenging to do and the geeni gentle mounted with ease. Also if you have trees and many others that are near adequate to be set off continuously you could want to reposition it so if doable just set it up in the wished-for position on a non permanent rigging then if you are happy safe it permanently or shift it to a improved place wherever it will not be activated by vegetation but once again, greater it goes off much too substantially than not more than enough. The fixture only will come with a metallic backplate for mounting, indicating, the junction box will be exposed to the components. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Geeni, DOORSCREEN Smart Wifi Doorbell, HD Camera Doorbell with Night Vision and Motion Sensor, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, No Hub Required at It’s a good looking unit, bat-like if you ask me. You can set how sensitive you want it to be.You can also press turn Motion Detection off to make the detection setting off. The check out is broad and you get to see lots. I place a 128 gb samsung card in mine. Geeni, Sentry Floodlight Security Camera with Motion Sensor, Intruder Alarm and Audio Video Recording, Geeni Look 1080p HD Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera : Not bad for the price. I am really happy with this camera. Get alerts to your phone whenever any motion is captured on the camera. It’s much quieter than i expected, but i’m wondering if that’s due to user error. The app even works better than the popular arlo app which i always have issues with. Easy put in great pic but wall plate is not all white. If you’re not comfortable, hire a professional to install it correctly and play it safe. In excess of all excellent cam straightforward to install. 4ghz wifi but finally got it to connect with the app. Alert intruders, communicate with delivery people, and greet your guests all from your smartphone device. Overall it works good is pretty easy to install. I own a lot of geeni/merkury products because i appreciated their pricing strategy vs quality of products. Tap on your profile name. This was substantially more work than i experienced expected. I am so happy i gave this one a chance. You need ios 9 or higher or android 5. My son had a few questions regarding setting up the system for me, if you need questions answered you can either call them at 1 (888) 232-3143 or go to: support. Floodlight with a 1080p camera was exactly what i needed. It will take up to 32 gig on a micro sd and functions similar to a dash cam where it will overwrite the older clip on continuous recording. Downloading the geeni app and connecting to the unit was also a breeze. The geeni application is accessible on google engage in and pairs seamlessly with your smartphone or ipad. I had to reset the device several times to get the app to set it up properly which was a quite pain however. Overall i like this camera and will be picking up another for my yard even with a few limitations. Here are a few things to know. What were they thinking?mounting aside, so far is is a great camera. Way much better sensitivity then remonight eyesight functions great. I do not like the open plate behind the base of the light. Everywhere You Are Leading Integrations allow you to control Geeni devices by app or voice. I’m afraid that if i don’t get to connect it i will have to return it. Just have blackout curtains if you are sensitive to light when sleeping if it is where you will see it. The moment put in and i turned the mild swap on, it was prepared to set up which took some time to do. Works with smart life app and light is super bright. item 2 Smart Door Window Sensor Home Security Wireless Wi-Fi Instant Alert White 2-Pack - Smart Door Window Sensor Home Security Wireless Wi-Fi Instant Alert White 2-Pack. So i have had this camera for a while now and finally got it installed a couple of weeks ago and i am ready to share my thoughts and experience so far. I took one particular of the motion sensor lights down and had to retrofit a new mount out of a piece of wood to address the original hole remaining by getting rid of the outdated light. Not to mention the lights are quite bright. Tap on profile. Making matters worse, the wiring is probably 14-16 gauge with not much sheathing, so you need to be super careful not to knick the sheathing on the sharp metal edges. Super sensitive! TWO-WAY SPEAKER: Geeni Sentry allows you to communicate through your security floodlight with its integrated two-way speaker. This camera has given my family such a sense of security. Motion Detection will detect the motion of the object which is in the front of the camera. This unit puts out a huge amount of light – 2100 lumens to be exact while only using 24 watts of power thanks to it utilizing the led bulbs. For those who have trouble connecting to your wifi, the most common issue is the strength of the different frequencies your router is broadcasting. item 1 Geeni Wireless Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, White - Geeni Wireless Smart Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, White. Here are a several items to know. I believe it’s a superior products. You ought to include a great plate or a thing to secure the wires. This camera requires hard wiring which is why it took so long to get it installed. I went through a lot to install this. The ingress protection rating (ip) is questionable. Com for dwell chat, they are readily available from mon-sunlight nine:00 am to nine:00 pm est. Configuration was a little iffy. It took about twenty tries but i at last obtained it. I seriously want to give this camera 5 stars, but it can be just not a five star but. AR-3 The motion sensitivity is fragile so you get a great deal of alerts but it is great that you get saved screenshots when the motion sensor goes off for you to flip as a result of. This unit places out a massive amount of light-weight – 2100 lumens to be specific although only working with 24 watts of electric power many thanks to it employing the led bulbs. I think the qr scan only worked when it was darker outside which makes sense but also a little frustrating. CRYSTAL CLEAR IMAGING: With improved night vision and image-enhancing technology, this security light for outside, garage, or home works from dusk to dawn for 24/7 protection. This is an awesome light! It connects like the relaxation of geeni or mekury innovationss products. I ended up using clear waterproof caulking in the joint openings on this thing as the light is exposed to the elements outside. You also have more possibilities with how extensive it stays on. FREDI Hidden Spy Camera, Free shipping. Has not lost connection a single time. Motion detection works well and the light timer is adjustable through app. Just as easy to use and the colors are brilliant. I found installation straightforward and simple. Lights up the driveway well it is extremely brilliant. I desire there was a possibility for “fast forward/rapidly play” so i never have to drag the timer if i wanna seem at a thing, it is a small delicate to wind, great for “people motion” i use it in backyard so website traffic is not an problem. I configured the unit to only record motion events.


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