Tron is the best deck in Pauper. MTG Arena Pauper Decks: MonoRed Jerks (MonoRed Aggro) This deck is still being experimented with! It’s basically maximum synergy with the Glint Hawk + Kor Skyfisher package backed up by burn rather than the card draw of Jeskai Midrange. PAU 2 / 0 . The Rock, Pauper, Scissors (RPS) by sekiars. U/R Kiln Fiend & Delver Pauper by a r s k a. PAU 3 / 0 . Super fun. Easy to pilot for players of all skill levels, this deck revolves around swarming the board early and swinging in each turn. This is a top tier deck and racks up wins. I love the deck. A lot of fun spells and creatures cycled out a while back for the mono-red pauper scene in MTG Arena, but I still have some decks that ought to be fun. The recent Friday Night Magic At Home event in Magic: The Gathering Arena drew a lot of new eyes to Pauper, being both an excellent proving ground for beginners and fun playground for veterans. PAU 17 / 11 . UrzaTron 15% of the Winner’s Metagame. This one, in particular, builds upon an older deck, but slots in some new, exciting cards. Pauper Budget Decks | Heroic 30$ | Affinity 60$ | Burn 85$ | Delver 80$ | Stompy 55$ | Rats 35$ | Dimir Alchemy 55$ | Mill Phantasm 75$ | There’s a lot of fun builds of Boros out there, it’s a fun deck to go deep on! #1. The Dark Side of Urzatron by T o r b j o e r n 9 0. Budget goblins tribal for paper Pauper.


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