Pandit Ram Naresh Dubey, from Chaturbhata village in the area of Surkhi, paid tribute to his long time friend Syed Wahid Ali, who died three years ago in a road accident Just goes to … 2.7 While friendship is indeed an instrument – for the good and for spiritual growth, we recognize in interreligious friendship more than the instrumental relationship, by means of which economic, social, political, diplomatic or other ends are achieved. ... is the number of people we call casual friends—the people, say, you’d invite to a large party. We expect from our friends support, collaboration and solidarity when issues pertaining to the well-being of one of the friends arise. Elijah deepens understanding among religions. Rather, it is friendship that keeps us mindful of religious difference, and approaches this difference as a means of learning, growth and transformation that occur within the friendship. 7.4 The depth of the heart and the fullness of love are unleashed where friendship is recognized as something more than human. However, we seek to highlight primarily those relationships that place the religious and spiritual dimensions of friendship, practiced across religions, at their forefront. Here we spell out the lessons learned and the recommendations to be made. Navigation. But one man in Sagar, MP, did something different. Friends must be willing to question and to be questioned. 2.3. Three years later, his friend Ram Naresh Dubey, not only keeps visiting but has performed special prayers in my father's memory. 2.4 While the depth of the relationships differ, and while they bring us different fruits, basic guidelines and concerns that should govern interreligious friendship apply to both the neighbor and the friend. These common purposes include the search for living in goodness and harmony, living an ethical life, and transcending ordinary life through aspiration and orientation of life toward a higher spiritual understanding of reality, or a supreme reality that lies “beyond,” called by most believers, “God.”. This is one of the best examples of the secular fabric of our country and the Ganga Jamuni culture," said Syed's son Wajid Ali. Friendship Beyond Religion - Hindu Man Performs 'Tarpan' For Muslim Friend Who Died 3 Years Ago, Copyright © 2020 Times Internet Limited. 5.5 Willingness to ask penetrating questions is tempered by charitable speech, that seeks to find the good and that searches for understanding, with a spirit of benevolence. 7422 Villanova Dr. How that friendship is practiced and the depth of its engagement will vary according to individual circumstances. Friendship is something that is not bound by religion, caste or colour. Based on circumstances and the depth of relationships, such hard questions may be posed privately or in the setting of a public sharing. Friendship is something that is not bound by religion, caste or colour. Hard questions are part of honest speech, but must be clearly distinguished from attack or criticism., USA Friends can challenge us, confuse us, and sometimes, we might wonder why we bother. He was an advocate who practised law in Gopalganj area of Sagar district. Just like I perform tarpan of my ancestors in the Pitrupaksha fortnight, I performed tarpan for my late best friend, praying that his soul be in peace and we are born as friends again," he told The New Indian Express. If I am a real friend of a person, I will be there for him or her in good times and in bad, in sickness or in health. 4.2 The practice of interreligious friendship should not be a means of weakening or diluting identity. It makes sense to prefer to have friends who share your moral and religious beliefs, but it is also ridiculous to avoid people simply for holding different ones.” D.N. We learn to speak the same in the absence as in the presence of the friend, thereby ensuring genuine communication, that has integrated the lessons and the reality of friendship. Hindus all over the world remember their ancestors through special prayers during Pitrupaksha. The spiritual commonality we recognize between our religions is ultimately of greater significance than differences in teaching, that believers affirm as Truth. Such communication neither avoids nor covers up topics of potential complexity, while at the same time respecting the Other, and recognizing that not everything can be spoken about at any time. 3.6 One important aspect of such mutual learning is the study of the Scriptures of the other, the friend. The latter is a specific form of spiritual practice and sharing that is an intentional part of our spiritual life. Elijah’s message: The world’s great religions radiate wisdom that can heal the world. Posted: … In The Beginning... Man, Invented God. tel +972-2-672-9276 4.5 We consequently condemn unequivocally any attempt to practice interreligious friendship as a means of proselytizing and gaining members to one’s religion from among “friends” falsely acquired. The fullness of love is grounded in the depth of the heart, beyond the differences of particular religious identities. We recommend open and honest communication.


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