Would you rather see a Raikou or Cu…, I’m still very early in the chapters of Sin. This is a page about the characters appearing in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Clear Day 7 Main Quest (MHXX 62k/51k/45k HP). Still there are some tidbits of news: Update 1 at 08/09/2019: The pre-campaign news post is out now. Roll SQ/Gacha and setup your support formation and party teams for point/drop bonus. As soon you have 200 of the Fluffy Bill, buy the Painting Summer and place it in your Farming Team. Event Period. [NA] Fate Grand Order FGO Account 4 ssr servant BB (Summer) + skadi + okita. The main feature of the event seems to a mixture of betting QP in normal Free Quests, unlocking Main Quest progression with Event Currency and participating with special Fever Tickets in time-sensitive Casino missions that reward more QP. 00. seconds. Nero(Saber/Caster) – Charges NP by 1 bar. As long as you fight during the Night time, the fight should be significantly easier as Raikou will not fully charge herself and Alter will not reduce your NP Gain. Clear Day 2 Noon – 7 x Berserker Minions / Medb 197k/658k – Break first bar to finish battle. Complete Solomon to attempt the high difficulty Challenge Quests! Each Point Banner will have specific Event CE’s that will boost their respective Point Gain by 30%(60% when Max Limit Broken). Last one. Clear Day 4 Night Battle (600k) 2 x Soul Eater(Rider) / Summer Ibaraki 76k/85k – Drops BB Bills. Raikou(Berserker/Lancer) – Self Crit Rate up for 3 turns. Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker) 5* Carmilla (Rider) 4* Osakabehime (Archer) 4* 3 additional Servants shown in trailer, presumably released during Summer 2019 Part 2. 0 Clear Day 3 Main Quest (Saber Minions / Medb 54k HP – Drops Fluffy Bills). Fate/Grand Order is Copyright Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. are property of their respective owners. Clear Day 5 Night (700k) – Osakabehime 275k HP. Fight her during the Night time or else she will be much harder to kill, especially since she can fire off her NP fairly quick if she keeps spamming her charge skill. Start the prologue and place Summer Jalter in your team for the 30% Point Bonus. Prologue and Part 1 Free Quests drop Event Currency at fairly Uniform rates at 35 base total and 15 stacks that multiple with drop bonus. Clear the Raid Quests for some substantial Doujin Banner Points. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Fate Phrases to describe masters/servants/etc. The vast majority of your playthrough be doing Main Quests that popup during the cycle with a few free quest to help progress the time. 00. hours. (Check Farm Table Below and Infograph for details). For each copy of 「4★ (SR) Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) (Berserker)」 you acquire after the 6th time or higher, a Rare Prism will be sent to your Present Box. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Cu Chulainn Alter vs Raikou (Lvl 100 10/10/10) Support list? She can deal some signficant Crit Damage against your team and can charge her Bar Quickly to let her do an Extra Attack. Top-tier servants? Stage 3 – 500,000 HP, Starts battle at MAX NP charge, Drops Doujin Points when defeated. Breaking 1st Bar – MAX NP Charge for BB, 2nd Bar – Stun all frontline party members. Using AOE’s are the best choice and putting a stun on Nobunaga should stop her from harming your team while letting you move quickly to clear out the Challenge Quest. None of the Servants below have had their classes revealed so far, perhaps we'll find out tomorrow. Focus on farming Fluffy $ Bill Currency to get more Painting Summer CE from the Shop. Sacrilege Tetrahedron IV – B B B – Drops all Doujin Point Types. So while you can aim for that lucky 5 Star unit, if you’re happy with the 4 … Kiara has the Naga Saver Passive which allows her to do 1.5x Damage to Ruler Class Servants. Also, speaking of summer, the Dead Heat Summer Race Rerun with Rider Ishtar Welfare also happens in June. Medea (Lily) Numbers-wise, Medea Lily is arguably the best burst healer currently in the game; coupled with her poison and debuff removals, she is a highly versatile Servant … There will be a part where the dialogue cannot be skipped and the player has to make a choice. The 4* servants you're capable of getting should be limited strictly to the ones listed on that page though. After clearing the Main Story Quests and making Jeanne Alter Permanent, Raid Quests will be available. spring song Theatrical Release Campaign, Revival: Christmas 2019: Merry Christmas in the Underworld - Lite, I made a Padoru for Dieck from FE6. The basic gist of this event is to grind through main quests as they appear and when there are no main quests available, then grind free quests until main quests appear. [NA] Fate Grand Order FGO Account 4 ssr servant BB (Summer) + skadi + okita. Clear Day 5 Night – MHXX 86k/94/104k – Breaking 1st bar – Self Defense Down, 2nd Bar – Remove all debuffs and MAX charge NP. Make sure to stack your team for full point bonus for the specific point you are farming. All 5 stars Servants are great, so don’t underestimate a Tier F Servant in FGO / Fate Grand Order. This article contains a guide on Summer’s Futuresight – Evasion Craft Essence for Fate Grand Order [FGO], including strategies, recommended servants and stats. BB does not have an NP, only performs an Extra Attack when fully charged. Day 4 Noon (300k total) – Scathach 98k / Yagyu 66k / Jing ke 40k. Stage 2 – 500,000 HP, Chance to Poison Frontline Servants at start of battle, Drops Doujin Technique when defeated. But I noticed a couple of times that when…, So Goredolf… can someone explain to me why he is still here. Towards the later half of the event, players will shift toward Gacha Drop Bonus CE. At the Early Stage of the event, players will mostly focus on getting the highest point bonus, therefore Point Bonus CEs are preferred. Clear Day 5 Noon (650k) – Saber/Berserker Minions – Drops all 3 Bills. It also happens to be the last chance to get a lot of the summer servants released with the original event, so if you want to grab Saber Fran, Assassin Nito, Maid Alter, Archer Helena or, most likely, Lancer Raikou, you need to get them here. All Summer Servants and specific Servants that show up in the event, will provide between a 10-30% Bonus to Point Gain. Starts battle at MAX NP Charge, Drops Doujin Points when defeated. They are comparable to doing 40 AP Training grounds with about the same chance to drop Gold Skill Gems while having superior Ascension Material Drop Rates. The 4 star servants may not be as powerful as their five star companions. Completing the Raid Boss will give you an extra copy of Summer Jeanne Alter. Its purpose is to pit seven Grand Servants against one powerful enemy, the Beasts, rather than fight each other like Servants in the Holy Grail War. – Remove break first bar to finish battle. Fairly good Star Generation due to high hit counts and Decent NP Gen thanks her to Battery and NP Gain Bonus. Clear Serva Fes Main Quest – 1 (55k HP Berserker Chicken). Stage 2 – 400,000 HP, Drops Doujin Points when defeated. When you’re done grind points and clearing shop, you can try your hand on the Challenge Quest. Clearing the Event will provide you with a fairly good Single Target Buster 4* Berserker –. Final – Anastasia – 57,000 HP, Grants self Sure-Hit for 4 turns, Drops Divine Wine when defeated. Fran(Berserker/Saber) – Removes debuffs and grants self Attack Up and Defense Down. NOTE: Major spoilers (some unmarked) abound, as well as a minor NSFW alert (regarding unit artwork). Farm 2 Free Quests to move to night time. Event will provide you with 5 Copies of Each CE(3 Copies in the Shop / 2 Copies in the Point Banner). Welfare Servant. NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile. You cannot use Command Spell nor can you revive with SQ. FGO Servant Summer Festival 2020 - Publishing Quests. Raid Quests will award you a total of ~35,000 Base Doujin Points for each specific Doujin Point Banner, so make sure to stack the correct Bonus on your team before proceeding. A 4 Star Servant is good enough The time it takes for a complete Rerolling in FGO is 15 minutes, and you only have a 1% chance of pulling a 5 Star Servant in the Summons after the tutorial. Ishtar(Archer/Rider) – Debuff Frontline with Attack Down for 3 turns. Do this every time you get a copy from the shop or the point banner. BB can be handled with Anti-Female/Anti-Divine Servants. Includes 99.9% of all the servants in the entire franchise. Helena(Caster/Archer) – Self Crit Damage Up for 3 Turns. Do 2 Runs of the highest 40AP Difficult Free Quest of your choice. Challenge Quest(Year 1 & 2 Summer Servants). The Raid Quests will unlock and give you access to Summer Jalter’s copies. Iv suffered him through…, I got a fun idea when I created a reply on this other topic I post on but here you go:…, [JP] 4th Anniversary News and Summoning Changes, F/GO Fes.2019 ~4th Anniversary~ Chaldea Park Craft Essence Gallery, New 4* Saber Servant: Katsushika Hokusai (Saber), New 5* Berserker Servant: Miyamoto Musashi Summer, New 4* Archer Servant: Osakabehime Summer, New Male Costumes: Merlin, Siegfried and Fuuma Kotarou.


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