I will definitely use it with my students! Note to Instructors: When your new student has a good grasp on the 1s and 2s, then slowly introduce the higher level drills. 2. Get updates and special offers delivered directly to your inbox. 3. Never one to rest on his laurels, Pavel reinvented the Program Minimum with two equally-effective drills: the swing and the get-up. But that’s the minimum - the smallest amount of exercise worth doing, and a way to get used to training with kettlebells. January 23, 2007 06:15 AM. Double Snatches. I think being in the Hall of Fame qualifies as “faring well” as a competitor in the sport he coached. Unlike swings, where you can easily rack up a few hundred in a session, when it comes to get ups most people do a few - something like three to five per side - and they’re done. Lately, I’m busy—but surprise, who isn’t. That is an awesome article sir, love it, thank you! And so it is with the Program Maximum. Train as planned after this warm up and you’ll find that very quickly your ability to handle more weight in all exercises is increased. 5. 5. To accomplish this I like to spend some time breaking down the get up once per week. The plan calls for training four days a week. In the context of the home budget, the program maximum would include everything from food, housing, transportation, education, retirement, etc. I see your point and you are absolutely right. The minimum program set the task of achieving a bourgeois-democratic revolution, in which the workers would aid the bourgeoisie to overthrow tsarism and establish a democratic republic. program are meant to provide exactly the type of initial conditioning I need. 6. You can play this by feel, but remember to vary the load from training session to training session. Roll two dice and get a 4 and you will be practicing for 4 minutes. In regards to any of Pavels performance standards I don’t know if it really matters. Whereas for an advanced trainee we’re not talking about learning to squat, we’re talking about squatting two to three times body weight. Water — Food 2. Think of this as the get up equivalent of going for a long walk. The 15 minutes are equal to three five-minute rounds. Endurance Sports, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning. then try what I outline below. The bent press and the snatch demand a level of shoulder mobility that not many beginners have access to. The get ups are done for five minutes on the other workout day. Shelter. I think you’ll be surprised exactly how much you can get out of these two seemingly easy exercises when you really add some load and spend more time on them beyond the bare minimum. They will have already seen your advanced members practicing them. Who has too much time these days? 4. I love that by following this, I’m doing a lot of foundational stuff that I blatantly neglect. Start with 10-12 minutes, but your goal is 15 minutes non-stop. I’d then do a session on the Saturday that was 100 get ups with a light bell. 4. 1. “The Bent Press is an exceptional lift for an advanced minimalist — but most people simply do not have the patience to build up to it. Simple & Sinister: Getting from Two- to One-Hand Swings, The Snatch Pyramid: Optimize Your Snatch Training, Special Operations Selection—How to Train for the Stress and Ambiguity of the World’s Toughest Test, A Minimalist Kettlebell Program for Busy Professionals, One-arm/One-leg Pushups and the Center of the Universe. Bent Press 3. In college, he was an All-American for three straight years at Purdue, and was college basketball player of the year in 1932. I’d do that workout three days per week including the swings. This is my list. There’s a running joke in the RKC that when we talk kettlebells to beginners we talk about swings and get ups. I borrowed the following idea from an article Pavel wrote sometime back called ETK PLUS: Get a pair of dice. Here are my choices listed from easiest to hardest. To quote a student of Cole Summers SFG Team Leader and Former Team Canada Strength Coach: “Coach, when I master a new move it changes me completely.”. Double Swings, 1. Twenty total get ups with the 48kg followed by 200 one-hand swings. Here is a little background: “The 1903 congress also adopted the party program, consisting of two parts: minimum and maximum. Arm-Bar The maximum program planned for a proletarian-socialist revolution in which the workers would seize power from capitalists and establish the dictatorship of the proletaria.” (courtesy of allrussias.com). But when we talk to advanced trainees we talk about swings and get ups. The Program Minimum is one of the best-known kettlebell training plans around. Pavel took this minimalist concept and applied it to kettlebell training. I will share it with the StrongFirst community here in Korea! Troy is simply a “critic” that Theodore Roosevelt refers to in this speech, “The man in the arena.” Apparently Troy would rather throw stones… Poor, yes, but this happens. Since Pavel started Strong First then I think promotion of his/Strong First products would be expected. 4. In the world of fitness, everyone knows the name Pavel. Thank you for your time and effort Jon! Did you know that John Wooden was a great player, not just a great coach? Any faster than that and you’re not going heavy enough. 2. First the program: Conditioning: Man Makers as described in Enter the Kettlebell! The two parts of the program corresponded to the two revolutions that Russian Marxists were to prepare for. Two-Hand Swings (two hands, one bell) Floor Press Intermediate Students should focus on 3s and 4s as well revisiting 1s and 2s, Advanced Students can play with 5s and 6s. The first thing we need to do is get a hierarchy of drills in the same family or genus as the target exercise.


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