A digital reference service generally comprises four elements: • The user of the service • The interface, in the form of an e-mail, a web form, a videoconference, etc. Ability to recognize user information needs and to match those needs with the most appropriate forms of information. One of the first such services to go online was the Electronic Access to Reference Service (EARS), launched by the University of Maryland Health Services Library in Baltimore in Digital Reference Guide Kansas leads the world in the success of each student. Digital reference service is an improved method of delivering reference s ervice to users in this technological age where users prefer digital resources to print resources. Although digital reference lacks the face-to-face communication that is an integral part of reference service. Students complete a planned ... (PDF)11 Future Business Leaders of america (FBLa) The ipl2's Digital Reference Service Standards The ipl2's reference service standards are based on the following librarian qualities: Knowledge of general and specialized reference sources (print and electronic). Digital reference service in the early 1920s has seen the incorporation of the telephone as a medium in answering queries. ... • Service Learning is the method of teaching and learning to combine academic work with service. • A librarian, or information professional, and • Information resources, print or electronic (Berube, 2003) Information technology Digital Reference Service is an advancement of the traditional reference services that is emerging as natural solution to meet the user’s information needs in the changing environment.


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